In this week’s Healing circle on the 23rd July 2022 Niki will  cover:

  • Understanding “oneness”
  • How ascension is increasing our ability to and feel oneness
  • How the belief in oneness would impact human relations and life on Earth
  • Niki will spend one hour on live Q and A – please submit any questions to the Live Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience a beautiful need meditation called the Divine Masculine
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

First of all, thank you Niki and everyone in this portal. Back in June, on the 9th I had an amazing meditation and knew I was close to 1597. It consisted of three scenes. First scene I was looking down on water, and then a whale tale appeared as the whale took a deep dive. 2nd scene – and human-like ET dressed in white was in a transparent pod that looked like an inverted acorn. Suddenly the pod was enclosed inside a giant transparent lotus blossom…each petal was outlined in a translucent lavender color. (Amazing!) 3rd scene – I was looking at myself, and I was surrounded by a huge energy, it was hugging me and a voice said, “You know who you are now.”  Mind you I had recently received a report from Nira that confirmed I had two ET souls- a 10th dimensional Arcturian and 6th dimensional Pleadian. So I knew that was what the voice was referring to…finding out about my ET soul(s). Three days later on June 12 I woke up in the morning and knew I had reached 1597, and when I meditated that morning, I felt like I was glowing brightly and knew I was carrying more light. Now pan ahead to July, in fact it was yesterday, July 15. I work with a Network Spinal practitioner monthly and coincidentally have been since around February of 2021…so imagine my surprise when Niki recommended this therapy just a few months ago and I have been using it for over a year! This lovely chiropractor (Dr. T) is aware of what I am doing for ascension and she is working in her own way on her own. In my Network Spinal session yesterday, the she started to examine me, but was surprised that my higher self told her not to adjust me but to let me sense my body to know what it needed. Suddenly she announced the Arcturians and Pleiadians were in the room…my guides, and along with a Lemurian guide. When each one approached me I saw colors – gold (Arcturian), silver (Pleiadian), and light blue (Lemurian).  Each spoke to me and imparted messages, and worked on my various bodies. Also, St. Germain showed up (I saw purple) and as I grounded with the help of the guides, I went deep into Mother Earth to ground and conversed with her as well.  All of this blew my mind as well as Dr. T as she could see/sense/hear everything that was happening. I felt such profound love…I was weeping for joy though most of this hour session. What is happening to me, and to all in this group is amazing that I cannot even find the words for it. So if you have not had anything mind blowing happen yet…wait for it. Great things are in the works. I can’t wait to see more how we all grow, heal, and expand.  Thank you again Niki.


Thank you so much I am so excited and grateful to be a part of this team and program. Can’t wait for your retreat center too!! I wanted to share with you,  I have Vitiligo as well. It is on my face, unfortunately, and my chest. I had up to 8 spots at one point on my face and 7 are completely gone! I am documenting this in photos. I have only one spot left on my face and it is re-pigmenting right now. I have one spot on my throat left and it is getting smaller. It is truly amazing. It just showed up one morning, about 2 years ago. I have wondered if it was all the chemicals we were using to sanitize everything, that I am never exposed to normally, clogging my liver. Anyway, I started listening to your healing circles about a year and a 1/2 ago as well as doing your meditations daily at that point, right when you began talking about transitioning from health to the energy realm and ultimately the portal. I have not done any other medication for it other than some home red light therapy in the beginning, but that didn’t touch my larger areas.  Take care and have a great weekend!


What I learned/how I have changed since July 2021 when I joined Niki Ascension group: Connection to source is #1! Though I don’t hear a voice or have my pendulum working, I still feel a sense of connection like never before. I celebrate the day my vibration is high enough to connect with source! I started meditating in 89’ but deepened joining the Ascension program. Now I meditate silently- with routine enthusiasm! The icing on the cake is adding one of Niki’s meditations. My biggest issue beside a 10-year problem with my body (cerebellar ataxia with Lyme) was self-love deficit! Now I like myself on my way to loving myself! I had no idea I was traumatized by my childhood until I attended Niki’s Trauma conference. I am recognizing and trusting my intuition more every day. I have learned to get quiet and ask what my heart wants. I do something daily that my higher self approves of! Relationships have run me throughout my life. Now I have let go of many that are toxic, healed those that required cleaning up-especially my brother (narcissist-perfectionist). At first I just made requests of what I wanted from him and what would improve our relationship then in 48 hours I reneged everything and said you just be you and I will be me. I had such relief instantly knowing that was the right thing to do. To this day- I have no energy on this relationship. I was unhappy with my marriage for 75% of the time. We have been living apart for 2 years. It took me a while to do what my heart was communicating (knew in 2006 by my body). I live by myself with weekly support and am grateful and happy. In reflecting back, I believe my illness helped me to get to know myself-I had many friends all my life yet I had no clue who I was. Now, I have fe friends so most of my time is getting to know myself! I would not trade my illness of 10 years for having a relationship with myself. I am now practicing as best I can be in the world of non-duality, with intention, cultivating love and a life of purpose. I see beauty everywhere. My heart is so open that I cry a lot to small things. I look forward to walking down the stairs and putting my feet on the ground, hugging a tree, and just be active!! I took so much for granted!! I intermittently feel so free that I am beside myself. Last night I felt worthy-a first ever in my life! I trust and know my body will heal and I know I am on the right track!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!