The second wave of portal members will reach their full 12 strand DNA activation (Merkabah level 1597) as a Group in this coming Saturday’s Healing Circle. There are currently around 84 people at CC1597 – congratulations to them!

If you are a member of the Portal and would like to consciously experience reaching CC1597, please join the Saturday Healing Circles over the next 5 weeks. All of the first 700 members of the Portal will have reached CC1597 by mid June. If you miss the live Saturday event, you can receive your activation consciously by tuning into the replay.

Also in this week’s Healing circle on the 14th May 2022:

  • We will be discussing the importance of boundaries and how to know when you need them
  • The power of looking at relationships through the lens of “Souls” not “Roles”
  • The difference between being a highly sensitive person and an empath
  • Clarification of the implications of reaching CC452 and clearing karma
  • High profile people who are being targeted by negative ETs with disinfo and how to discern this
  • Beautiful new group meditation called Tranquility
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying


I have explored most of the material in the portal. Now I am catching up with the healing circles I missed.   I have had lots of improvement in my health, physical and emotional.  So much more at peace. My relationships with family of origin felt easy. There were some difficulties before.  I guess perhaps there still are some, but I just do not react the same way at all. Self doubt is super low, or not there at all.  Occasionally it would come, then it just passed by and was gone! Thanks for all the work you do. 


Niki encouraged me to share in the portal to inspire others about what is possible …. (NB – I will put a tigger warning as it does mention a past suicide attempt). I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Median arcuate ligament syndrome and various other things – POTS, MCAS etc ….Also have a history of severe abuse/trauma.  My EDS has severe GI complications and (even if this is “too much info” (sorry)) for almost THREE YEARS I was needing to spend about 3 to 5 hours PER day using Peristeen trans-anal irrigation device.   Things got so bad it lead to my suicide attempt Janaury 2021. NOW – I only am having to use peristeen approx ONCE or TWICE per week (max 5 hours per week) and it takes about hour and a half! Last year I asked Niki about vagus nerve stimulators – she said about bodybio phospholipid choline complex and jarrows bile , and also red light therapy (which I had already been doing for sometime). NOW – I am only using Peristeen ONCE PER WEEK in the past month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its literally such a transformation, I have so much time and am so happy 🙂 I have Complex PTSD and OCD – and in the past couple of months I’ve felt so different from this aspect too.   I feel so “free” and such freedom even compared to 2 months ago.  My thoughts and routines are so less rigiid and constrained.    I’ve met all sorts of new people, and started being able to do things in new ways and think about things differently . Thank you so much. Keep going everyone .  Keep Ascending :-). There is hope!   I was resuscitated nine times and in a coma and very almost died.  Now I am so happy! 


This is my first time sharing.  I joined the Portal late February, 2022  (recommendation from my friend/colleague who joined last July) and it was not until March 1st that I got my MP3 player sorted to be playing 24/7. I have had many changes over the last couple of months and some ‘crazy experiences/visions’ during the meditations or when my friend and I adjust each other (we are both NSA chiropractors).  Anyway today was probably only the 2nd time I have been able to do the live call and I am forever grateful that I did! Here is my experience today: I started the meditation with quite a monkey mind and all fidgety but when I started to settle I heard a voice say “Hi Suzette, it is me”. I said hello God/Creator and the voice said “I love you and you can join us”.  I felt this immense sense of love and I started crying because these images and names were flashing up – Jesus, then Mary, a man with long white hair who told me he was St. Germaine, Kwan Yin, Ganesh.  I also got the sense of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel (have not heard of Ariel before) . They all told me that I was the end of my journey and I could rest now.  I then started sobbing because some images and feelings of the suffering of my past lives came flashing up.  The number 251 came to me in terms of number of past lives and | could then see and feel particles rising from me ever so faintly.  I resisted for a brief moment in disbelief that i was not going to follow a similar pattern of being persecuted for being a healer and having to hide anymore as I have done in many different lifetimes…Once I fully embraced what I was being told the beings started telling me things about each of my 3 daughters and my husband that I have been looking for answers as they have been stressing me out (not going to bore you with specifics) and then the message came that once my husband leaves this earth plane, I am to set up a charity using the money he leaves me!  I will get more downloads later on about what sort of charity but it is to do with healing.  Then I was told I could go ahead and get the vaccine so I can go to Canada to see my parents and rest of the family who I have not seen since 2019. I live in the UK. I then saw this blue light all around me and then was told that my spiritual ascension journey started back in 2010 when I gave birth to a ‘phantom’ baby boy and that it was an Archangel who wanted to experience being on the earth plane. I had always liked the name Gabriel if I ever had a son. I then sobbed again because it so felt like these messages were the truth and that I was so blessed and relieved at the same time as my journey is now evolved!  My body then started to shake and continued once the music stopped and I kept wanting to go into a bridge. Once my body settled, i felt tired but peaceful.  I could not eat much for dinner and did not want the chicken I had cooked. With love and gratitude.

See you all soon!