In tomorrow’s Healing Ceremony, we are going to focus exclusively on case studies submitted by Portal members. We can assess whether someone’s psycho-emotional issues are entirely caused by issues in the psyche, or whether their biology is also contributing to issues such as anxiety through hormonal imbalances, gut issues, nervous system imbalances and more. We can also assess how much of someone’s physical health issues are actually caused by psycho-emotional imbalances.

Unresolved issues related to developmental trauma are still the most common imbalances causing mental and physical suffering in the Portal, but sometimes trauma related to past lives is the issue or resistance will test as the root cause. Resistance arises from limiting beliefs which result in chronic emotions like doubt, uncertainty, depression and discouragement in different areas of our current lives like our financial security, connection to Source and relationships.

So our goal here is to identify imbalances for as many people as we can to keep the healing going, whether this is through Portal meditations, identifying verbal commands for high levels of ongoing trapped emotions, commands to release resistance beliefs or emotions, or recommendations to read more about their particular trauma type, or Enneagram type or more. 

Case studies are useful to hear whether we address yours directly or not – everyone learns from everyone else’s struggles. 

I hope to see you all tomorrow! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 8th April 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Case Studies we will cover:

  • Experience the magical new meditation Quantum Mind 
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.

What Members Are Saying


For the last week or so (hopefully it continues!) I have been having an amazing experience of ’empathetic knowing’ (the only way I can describe it).  What that means is, in my normal life, when I am dealing with all sorts of people (but I am noticing it most with my family members), every single time I am annoyed, puzzled, perplexed,  etc., and the voice inside my head asks the question of something, I hear/know an immediate answer, which is so clear, and always empathetic and compassionate rather than accusatory, put out or annoyed.  Its crazy but wonderful and amazing!  And is making me feel so understanding and compassionate its unbelievable.  And then that compassionate feeling is followed by love, gratitude and peace. This new thing just feels so outside of myself, as if this insightful, wise, compassionate response is coming from someone, as if I voiced the thought out loud to a benevolent caring nonjudgmental counsellor who was right beside me listening to my feelings and giving me answers.  I’m sure its Source. Whatever it is, its super cool, super wonderful and I’m loving it  


Some positive news here in the ‘inspirational’ category. In fact, not just one positive thing, but three…Positive thing number one…after my share last week (post on gaslighting), something shifted the following day, during meditation. I’m not sure what I released, but it must have been a pretty big blockage as I felt an uplift at the time, and I’m happy to report that hasn’t disappeared. It’s mostly on an emotional level…more ability to sense joy, less heaviness…and although it’s reasonably subtle, it is most definitely there… Positive thing number two…when I had my session with Nira, she predicted that I would start to feel some improvement about five weeks from then. Well, guess what? Last week was five weeks after the appointment…so big thank you to Nira for your wonderful gifts and support…and to anyone else reading this, who has had predictions of when healing may occur, I hope this brings you more faith, if you should need it! Positive thing number three…Last weekend, I went into London to the theatre for the second time since the whole pandemic thing. I should just mention that, prior to the pandemic kicking off, I was just starting to come out of a CFS/ME crash, so was beginning to go out socially, but still really struggling with that. So, in reality, for me, a trip into London has been a huge challenge since 2016. Well, last Saturday was an incredible improvement…I didn’t simply ‘survive’, I thrived. My Mum is my normal companion for theatre trips, and she has grown used to me crashing (through CFS/ME) and become ultra-sensitive to spotting signs of when my energy is starting to fail. She commented that she found the day was far more relaxing because she never once had to think about whether I was about to crash. So, she noticed the difference. From my perspective, I went out, enjoyed the day, came home, and it was as if I’d done nothing more than usual….which might not sound much, but it actually pretty mind-blowing…I can’t remember the last time that happened. Normally, I would feel some degree of tiredness, but no, I came home, enjoyed healing circle, and still had energy left when I went to bed…amazing! Breaking this down, I think the game-changer is two-fold…first, I’m no longer absorbing other people’s energy. Second, I’m sure I’m no longer being impacted by 5G. Basically, when you’re sitting in a theatre with about 2,000 other people, for a few hours, being able to maintain your own boundaries, and not being affected by 2,000 smartphones is a game-changer!  So, I still have a way to go…I’m one of those that had no connection to Source prior to 6th Feb. Which actually makes this even more of a miracle…to have come that far in a few weeks is pretty huge. I will also acknowledge that, in addition to recognising I have a lot more emotional and physical healing to go through, I can also see the resistance in this…I’ve hesitated to celebrate and post my good news because of fears that this is ‘just another step forward that will be taken away through some kind of relapse’. I also acknowledge I have some weird kind of survivor’s guilt thing going on, I think… So, that’s not to bring the good news down, merely to recognise the full reality of where I am now. I continue to work on the resistance as I notice it coming up, and I’m off to enjoy this new level of energy in a walk outside because I’m still noticing that, as I get ungrounded at the moment, that translates into a lot of upper back pain, which I can get rid of completely when I ground again. So, perhaps we’ll see that as… Positive thing number 4…being able to recognise what is happening to me and recognise my power to heal that.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!