According to the Law of One, our seven chakras must be balanced and activated in order to allow the kundalini to flow up from the root chakra to the crown.  When we stabilize this state, it means we have become self realized, or awakened to 5th dimensional consciousness.

Very few people realize that what we call “resistance” only affects the top two chakras – even fewer are aware how different traumas affect the chakra system. In truth, the upper four spiritual chakras are already perfectly in balance, but cannot be accessed or activated when the lower three “Earthly” chakras are out of balance,

The Law of One calls the process of balancing the lower three Earthly chakras the 3 Disciplines of the Personality: 1. Know Thyself. 2. Accept Thyself. 3. Become the Creator.

Join us for this week’s healing circle where we will share cutting edge, world-class information synthesizing the understanding of metaphysics and developmental and emotional trauma to arrive at completely novel information about how to heal and ascend!

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 20th May 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Chakra Healing  we will cover:

    • The Law of One on How to Balance the Chakras – why external healers cannot balance our chakras for us, which chakras are imbalanced by the Earth’s energy grids and how to overcome this
    • Understanding the Chakras – why the lower 3 earthly chakra must be balanced in order to activate the upper 4 spiritual chakras, how this affects the flow of kundalini in the Ascension Process
    • The Disciplines of the Personality – the three steps, according to the Law of One, on how to balance the chakras and Ascend
    • Trauma, resistance and the chakras – how do different types of trauma and resistance impact the chakra system – cutting edge information never shared before to our knowledge!
    • Case Studies – we are aiming to address 10 Member case studies submitted in the member’s Forum thread here.
    • Experience the beautiful chakra healing meditation called the The Seven Sacred Centers
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying

I also want to thank you so much for leading this group. My commitment to this process is 100%! The meditations have become so much stronger and your guidance is enlightening. Thanks for all the love!


Thought i would share.  I just finished my morning meditation using the new deepen meditation we experienced yesterday and the exact same things happened just now. For me, i went to a whole new level yesterday…i don’t know what happened..LOL, but i didn’t want yesterday’s nor today’s experience to end…  And, just now a similar journey.  My body went so still…so relaxed and the phrase “serenity now” or maybe it was “surrender now”….and then it felt like “I/me” was pulling out, up & beyond from my body..and then that  energy expansion started spiraling up and up….then all of my body (my 3D body)  had that rush of light tingling energy flooding all over me. Everything was peaceful…i didn’t want it to end. But then twice now when the music ended, i thought how was that 30 min? it felt like just a few minutes. I absolutely have never experienced that depth of peace and stillness & letting go-ness before. I am so thrilled, excited and cant wait to next weekend’s chakra info. & meditation.  Thank you Niki for this beautiful, profound & incredible journey that i am so lucky to be apart .


This is now my new favorite meditation as of today!  Wow, from the minute I heard the crickets as it commenced, I knew it was going to be good…no idea why…I just knew.  Again, I was the person that showed up in the July meditation – a female ET dressed in a medieval style clothing. I felt like I was in Camelot.  I was standing in a thick mist and I immediately knew there was someone standing directly in front of me, though the mist blocked my view so I was sensing rather than seeing.  I knew the presence was male, dressed as a knight, with a helmet that had a metal piece that ran down where his nose would be though I could not see his face. His presence felt calm, strong, and supportive.  He reached out and took my hands and told me he was the divine masculine I was seeking; he was here to balance my divine feminine qualities. I felt deep emotions bubbling up in my chest.  As we stood there together my energy just seemed to just mesh with his – we just stayed in that present moment together. Later when the rain started during the meditation, he moved to the left side of me, but still held on to my hands.  We seemed to be standing under some type of overhang and just listened to the rain.  He told me he would be departing shortly but he would always be close by and I could call on him anytime.  He would be present to provide support, strength, or guidance.   When the music ended, he was gone. I definitely lost track of time during the whole experience, it felt like a few minutes rather than a half hour. This meditation stirred deep emotions in me and I had tears of great joy during the whole experience. I continue to be amazed – I am full of wonder as to what lies ahead. Being part of this ascension portal has been amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!