We are excited to announce that video 3 of the NEW Ascension teachings is now up for current Portal Members.

This will be available soon for public release in January 2024!

This week will be talking about CHANGE in the Healing Ceremony.

There is one particular area in the lives of people dedicated to the spiritual path that is impacted by change more than any other area.

What is it?

It’s the loss of relationships and the feeling of “not belonging.”

These losses and feelings of loneliness are a temporary stage in the awakening path.

We discuss why relationships come to an end on the ascension path and share plenty of tools, recommendations and insights to heal, move on and alleviate feeling isolated while you work on your ascension.

Not to be missed!

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 16th December 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Change we will cover:

    • Announcements, discussion of video 3 of the NEW Ascension teachings, news update on the Biden Impeachment and the unfolding UFO disclosure 
    • Loss of relationships – understanding why relationships come to an end when on the spiritual awakening path, the do’s, don’t and other tips to help you integrate and move on
    • Loneliness – the difference between aloneness and loneliness, how loneliness is a subjective perception and a form of resistance that can be healed and surrendered, 
    • We will cover 15 Member Case Studies
    • Experience a beautiful deep dive meditation called Expand
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying  

Things have certainly changed since joining, life just seems to flow now and I’m much more confident. I actually found myself saying to the Dentist that I was looking forward to seeing him again to have my treatment!  And last month I went on my first ever solo trip, to London for 5 days and really enjoyed it.  One evening I went out to a restaurant alone for the first time ever, ordered my food then looked up to see Princess Diana staring back at me. In 2022 I wrote about a dream, Princess Diana was helping me with my confidence…


I am sharing my experience I had today as I think people would find it interesting to see how far reaching and deep this work is and know that it is worth the journey. It has been a “rough ride” the last 6 weeks as stated from my Ascension Progress report with Christine  2 weeks ago in terms of physical and emotional detox as I integrate the 18th strand and that has been from doing 30 minutes of meditation about 3 to 4 times a week!  There have been times where I thought I would just pack it in as I have had enough positive shifts that I would be happy to stop the ascension process.  Hence why I needed to know how my progress was going for encouragement.  Anyway, my experience today when doing a Network Spinal session definitely woke me up even more as to how powerful this ascension work is and I could not make up what happened to me in any shape or form or anticipate it.  When I did the emotional vipassana meditation the emotions that often came up briefly was this deep entrenched fear and despair.    During this time I became aware of 3 humanoid beings watching me , a woman, man and a boy.  I knew these beings as they were the same beings that showed up when I first joined the portal in early 2022 and I felt that they were my family and that I remembered why I came into this body: it was my turn to incarnate on the Earth plane to learn and experience.  I did not want to leave them but I was told it was part of my ‘duty’ and role to help humanity so I had to go.   It was quite overwhelming as the fear and anxiety was coming up.  Then the words ‘soul extraction’ popped into my head and I could feel this energy shooting out of me especially from my solar plexus and the beings were there to receive the energy after I made this releasing guttural noise.  It was then my body calmed down and I stopped shaking and I knew my 10th D ET soul was no longer part of me. (my soul reading report stated that I have 10th, 11th and 12 D ET souls) That 10D soul has chosen to go back to her soul ET family as it was time and the suffering endured over many lifetimes no longer needed to be experienced but it also did not want to ascend as that soul missed her ET family and home too much. It was a strange awareness feeling that the soul looked at the pink nebula and said not now and went ‘back home’ in a different galaxy and dimension. Since this happened this morning I have felt lighter and more at peace. Christine told me that I had to adopt the feminine attribute of accepting the chaos and to go with what comes.  I think I am more trusting of that after this experience today and that we cannot anticipate how this ascension journey will enfold and to stick with it and the magic will happen and is happening.  Thank you for reading my story from today.


Just a quick update on what happened re. benefits…  A few weeks ago I got a letter to say that I’d been placed in the ESA support group, without a medical!!! I can’t emphasis enough how awful those ‘medicals’ are, and how long it takes to recover from them when they do happen, so to be spared that was more than a relief… it was a total miracle!!! And since I got that result my health has begun to improve- my physical pain was about 80% better within a week, my sleep is getting better and my energy is beginning to improve too  But most important of all is that I feel like Source has really had my back through this- first in providing me with doctors appointments so that I could get some evidence and then giving me this fabulous result! I was a one-laner so progress on physical healing is still slow, but being supported in this way gives me so much faith in this process, and that hopefully soon I will heal physically and no longer even need to claim benefits… So thank you again Source! And thank you too to everyone who wished me well in this process, much love to you all


Hope to see you all on Saturday!