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We have some important topics for this week. Our key theme is on the topic of DESIRE.

Desire is not the same as having a simple preference. When we have desires it means we are attached to having the thing or outcome we want.

Having desire means that in your psyche, not having this thing, or outcome is associated with suffering.

Desire means you are not neutral about the outcome.

Coming from a neutral place means, it’s ok if it happens or you get it, and it’s ok if it doesn’t happen or you don’t get it.

You’re ok either way, you’re not attached.

Having desire slows down your manifestations, creates stress, ungroundedness, and is responsible for lots of health symptoms and conditions people experience.

We will cover the top 7 most common desires in the Portal and how to detach from them.

We will also cover the important 5 reasons almost 30% of the current Portal has a telepathic channel contamination and what to do about it.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 20th January 2024


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Desire we will cover:

    • Announcements – short updates about clearing karma, the current stellar activation cycle occurring on Earth starting in May 2025, pendulum group topic updates and findings, download from Source about the UAP/UFO narrative, the latest superb interview by Tucker Carlson
    • The 5 Reasons for Telepathic Channel Contamination – up to 30% of the Portal do not have a 100% clear telepathic channel at the moment. We share the 5 reasons and what to do about it
    • The Top 7 Desires in the Portal – top 7 desires, how they are impacting the Portal and how to detach from them.
    • We will cover 15 Member Case Studies
    • Experience an uplifting listening meditation called Flute Lovesong
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying  

I am still working through some physical stuff: mycotoxins and glyphosate in my body but feel like I turned a positive corner a week ago, initially first with  being able me to fully breathe properly, the first time post getting covid which was amazing. More remarkably is so many of my symptoms are abating – energy is returning and I feel like I am “back in my body”, I also am not experiencing post exercise malaise which is new to me as I have been crashing energetically a lot when I have tried to re start exercise (I have a mild form of CFS/ME). Curiously relationships are also improving, both at work and in my family of origin. Esp. in my family it seems like things that were never spoken about, are now starting to be spoken about, and my sister is now open to receive and hear what I say, which is a revelation. I have also bought a Therasage sauna as I believe heavy metals are also a load that needs removing from my body (was in my original E Detox report).  Thanks.


Hello fellow Ascenders!  I woke one morning just before Christmas feeling unaccountably wonderfully happy.  This lasted all that day and didn’t completely fade until lunchtime on the following day.  It was particularly odd as I was feeling otherwise bleakly UNhappy and dreading Christmas.  Inter alia, I wondered if I’d picked up on the peeling apart of the Spirals?  Or was it indeed a Samadhi experience?  Any insights/opinions happily received.


Hope to see you all on Saturday!