Following on from our theme of shining a light on dark places in order to heal them, we further expose the shocking truth behind sex education in the USA, gender theory, the transgender movement, the drive to normalize pedophilia, social media, the current crisis in teenage mental health and the Deep State.

Packed full of connecting the dots, you will see more clearly than ever the “hidden hand” that has been shaping society up to now and greatly sharpen your “discernment” skills.

Another unmissable healing ceremony!


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Healing Ceremony Saturday 29th July 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Deviance we will cover:

    • The shocking truth behind…sex education, gender theory, the transgender movement, social media, the current crisis in teenage mental health, the push to normalize pedophilia
    • Discernment – how to maintain discernment and put an end to predatory behavior while staying out of judgement
    • Globalist agenda – more details to clearly “see” what has been a “hidden hand” shaping society up to now
    • Experience the beautiful high frequency listening medication called the Sky

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What Members Are Saying


Context: In 2008, i was off work for 3 months, on my back, with a slipped disc/bulge & left leg sciatica. Fast forward: Last Friday, i had an Osteo appt. and began to tell my Osteo what occurred for 3 days during a week of July 23. I woke up on the first morning and i could barely move, the pain in my lower back was unreal; and it was like a flashback to 15 yrs ago(note: the day b/f i had a calm, ordinary relaxing day…so no weird work- outs, over doing it, nothing).My mind immediately reacted ” omg, its happening again” Then ,i heard in my head ” Allow the Process” and ” Its Temporary”. I knew right then (not sure if Source or my Source Team sent the download), but i knew it was a Double Download Whamy!! I relaxed, took a breath & said to myself… it will be ok, its part of what i need to heal & release. On the 4th morning, when i woke up ,all the pain was gone, like nothing ever happened. After hearing this story, my Osteo began her usual pre-test check on my spine/back muscles; she was very surprised and expected more restrictions & tightness, but to her surprise there was more movement, flow & less ‘resistance’ …no kidding she actually said ‘less resistance’. Wowza, when i heard that, my thoughts immediately jumped to our HCs ,Niki’s insights & guidance, our meditations & removing/clearing our resistances. This entire experience was a pivotal, huge & glaring reveal for me, esp. that inner understanding/knowing now of ” Allow the Process”. As we/i navigate through ascension (with Niki’s guidance), i see now that i HAD to go through this again to release some pretty deep stuff. What A Divine Gift From Source

Hope to see you all on Saturday!