Niki is excited to share her most powerful healing meditation to date in this weeks healing circle! She will be share:

  • Exciting updates on healings happening in the Portal
  • Deeper understanding on the DNA activations occurring through the Merkabah
  • Understanding the wave/anti-wave light pattern within the Merkabah and the mind-blowing implications  
  • New most powerful guided healing meditation to date called the Cellular Light Infusion Meditation
  • Ascension portal progress updates
  • A final report on the status of disincarnate human souls in the 4th dimension
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

I had guidance from source team two days ago to “go down” and immediately felt big energy pushing down in to my heart & solar plexus. It feels after all the heavy mental detox & clearing – feeling spaced out, being in my head, unable to settle, or relax fully … I’ve been disassociated much of my life…now when I breathe or sit in the sunshine I can actually connect to source within myself from a more centred still place. For me, it is the ultimate cherry on top after healing trauma for over two decades (or lifetimes!) ; to be able to manifest and live happily & abundantly from a heart centred place. I already see how I can detach from people, situations and stresses/triggers much more easily, recover much more quickly and find my peace.  Grateful to this group and especially Niki.  I think I’m finally healing my heart. Wow!


Your sound healing and ascension has helped me to process trauma that I have been recovering  from sociopathic and malignant narcissistic abuse. Being in the present moment, breath work and getting in touch with my body has helped me to reconnect with Source  My light body is helping me to trust, let go and create my art after a long block!! I just had a breakthrough with my art at a fellowship last week. Thank you so much!  I play the meditations after a long day or before bed and I literally feel safe and held, especially with the more recent silent meditations. Indeed,  it does feel like a hug.


I now only need to wear my glasses for reading. This AM i was reading something and looked up towards my balcony & trees (still wearing my glasses), and wow there was no blurriness , no head dizzy feeling that i usually experience  if i forgot to take my glasses off b/f looking long distance.  Then the words “wait, what?” floated in my mind…and then …yes its core ascension. And i have noticed that night driving is not as strenuous…having to squint…I LOVE THIS….1600 here we come. thx Niki for all of your work, support , guidance and kindness through this.

YES!! That’s so awesome for you, and I’m experiencing a major shift in eyesight too. I have always had terrible vision (both near and far); I could properly see only about six inches in front of my eyes without my glasses. Last month I started to have the major shift in my eyes. It seemed to coincide with reaching CC29 and the odd healing energy experience I had. I can actually see pretty well in the shower now and at my bathroom sink without my glasses!!! There is still some blurriness but I had the realization of “wait…I don’t have my glasses on and I can basically see what I’m doing in the shower” . I know I for sure need new glasses (I’m starting to get symptoms from the too strong prescription), but I’m trying to wait as long as I can since I’m sure my eyes will continue to shift as I get to CC1600


Hope to see you all on Sunday!