In this crucial upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 14th January 2023 Niki will cover:

  • The important difference between DNA soul integration and DNA human integration, new indexes we will be tracking weekly
  • How do the law of Karma and Law of Attraction compare in terms of power to attract your life circumstances?
  • Introduction to the Akashic records and how we clear karma
  • Are you an Angelic ET Soul, part of the Family of Light that falls into the Highly Sensitive Person category?
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the new Waves of Peace meditation using nature sounds to support your ascension
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying


Yesterday on my birthday – it was the first time since I was a child that I awoke and felt excited that it was my birthday. It’s a miracle that I am healing through Source and my work in the portal. Hallelujah! 


When I did the New Year HC and I reflected on the last year, as Niki suggested, I realised how so much has altered this last year. For me so often what Niki says is really timely, such as about when we send healing to others we can bind them to us (if a misquote, apologies, it’s how I interpreted it). I experimented with this and have found many boundary changes with others, both big and small. I have come to see how I felt responsible for others and how I could block their progress if I continued as I was. The HC about empath-narcissists was incredible for me, real eye opener. It has been like unpicking a ball of spaghetti to work out my feelings/reactions/conditioned responses and have seen how freely I would subjugate my needs for another person. One friend in particular is in this category and back in July after a conversation where I came away feeling really awful(not valued, spoken to sharply if I spoke, bleargh horrid), I found I had massive resistance to speaking to her and I withdrew. After some weeks (I would call most weeks) I received an irritable voicemail not heard from you, you must be settled into your job by now etc’ and instead of conditioned response to call I texted that a lot going on for me and my family (true have husband and teenage son) and hope she is well etc. Immediately there was the offer of being there for me and one minute later a text saying ‘am reeling from my cousin’s funeral…’ and I knew this was meant to draw me back. I could not pick up the phone and texted. I put my Big Girl Pants on and sent an email to say that I am okay, I know that I don’t share what is going on with me and that is because I don’t feel safe ( have experienced a lot of criticism/rejection, easier to not show feelings than be vulnerable and hurt). I don’t want to start a conversation and then have to stop someone as don’t have the energy to receive the info. I wished her well but was not starting a conversation- really I was ending one. A brief acknowledgment came back. Have always been impressed by how others ‘own their stuff’ and found it easy to do so. I could own this totally. She is not at fault, I had allowed the friendship to develop along these lines. I could really see how I had created this and therefore can uncreate it! That’s HUGE. I did call just before Christmas as was still having imaginary conversations and being hard on myself. I put my Big Girl Pants on again and it was fine, but clearly the dynamic had changed and I am really pleased about that. There are other examples but I won’t go on. What is truly wonderful is that I feel freer, lighter, happier, more grounded in my life, home, family. I am more available just to do simple things with my husband and I enjoy that. Did anyone see ‘V for Vendetta’ ? She was in a prison cell, but the door wasn’t locked. One day she walked right out, That’s it – the door is not locked – we can walk out of our self-imposed imprisonment with unhealthy relationships whenever we choose – yabba-dabba-do! A real belly dance round the kitchen moment in celebration. I feel profoundly grateful and joyous to have found Niki (@Freya thank you) and to have connected with so many beautiful people. Huge to all for an awesome 2023!.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!