In this week’s healing circle Niki will share messages she has received and confirmed from Source on the wider aspects of planetary awakening.

Niki will share how we can apply what we know in approaching our own personal ascension to understanding the wider awakening of humanity and Earth.

What we can expect in the coming 5-10 years as planetary ascension accelerates, and the positive role our group can play in these unprecedented times.

We also have another surprise group of special guests that will join us for the healing session!

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What People Are Saying


From the moment that I joined this Intensive Group, my life has never been the same. Where do I start? How about the beginning ! Day one Niki had us start doing commands. Being the “Intensive Ascension Group” it makes sense now. During this journey I went through things like all of the childhood programming that was still alive and in play in my life at that time and how it was affecting every circumstance and relationship that in was in. Realizing that most everything was  not as it seemed, was huge. This is where doing the commands and learning how to use our Pendulums were absolutely the beginning of the healing. As I began to notice is was through healing that we Ascend to a higher consciousness. I have come to know the Devine Creator/ Source who regularly communicates to me and I to him and also in this I have come to a new level of compassion, love and peace as never before. I have the complete pleasure of working with a team of amazing individuals in this group who are closer to me than family and are dearly loved. Niki is so gifted as you all are aware of by now and by direction of Source has led us on this truly amazing journey through Ascension. It was not however without hard work and some uncomfortable things to deal with. No pain No gain is absolutely true for me here. I wouldn’t change a thing ! Here is one example: Transmuting negative emotions and having them come up all over again before they are GONE ! Yeah…again, I wouldn’t change a thing as it was all part of the process to freedom and Light. All that to say, we are all Ascending and there is no place/ group that I would rather be. BIG thanks to Source, Niki, my amazing group partners and last but not least, my amazing wife Christine (who is part of this group) for this journey in Ascension. Big Love to all,

Jeff Deppe – Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Therapist

See you all on Sunday!


Niki and the Ascension Team