In this week’s comprehensive Sunday Healing Circle Niki will cover:

  • Earth History: The DNA wars and raider races
  • How ancient ET faction wars are still playing out in the world today
  • The return of the divine blueprint to Earth, and the role of the Ascension Portal
  • Join together for a powerful group healing meditation
  • Important Ascension portal progress updates
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

I thought I’d share my experience: My leaky gut is healed and I am no longer sensitive to dairy or sugar. The childhood trauma I experienced feels like its something that happened to me in a dream.  I’m no longer afraid of something bad jumping into my life. My heart is pumping Joy through my body with my blood and I’m uplifted and light-hearted. The dark vertical ridges that were on all 10 of my fingernails (probably a vitamin deficiency) is now only on 4 of them The seborrheic eczema that is on my forehead was unsightly and itchy but now is MUCH less puffy and red! The motion sickness that I’ve suffered since childhood (probably from Meniere’s syndrome) is MUCH better and less frequent. The dry eyes, bladder spasms and arthritic fingers (probably from sjogren’s syndrome) are MUCH better. I don’t get chronic infections any more and the weird bumps on my elbow (probably from epstein barr) are much less hard and pokey-outy. My struggle with co-dependence is much less difficult and my narcissistic mate is befuddled.  All these wonderful things have happened and my CC level is probably around the 70s-80s, I’m guessing.  I’m SO excited about the healing that lies ahead as our merkabah grows!  THANK YOU, Niki, for everything!


I was literally feeling so heavy, and had been for weeks and it was just something I thought I was going to have to live with. I thought it was just something I had to go through because I was. special (ha ha). But no! –Niki gave me a solution! OMG! I feel so much better, simply from doing that Cellular Light Activation meditation on the Sunday Healing Circle. I feel lighter, I feel positive. Before, it was like all the time that I used to spend in disassociation, which was about 60 percent of my time, was spent just feeling heavy. I would feel heavy when I woke up. I would feel heavy going up and down the stairs at home. I would sit in my chair and feel heavy. I would drive in my car and feel heavy. But it seems to have lifted. I’m really not sure I’ve ever felt the way I feel right now. This is some new kind of existence, some kind of “What the hell happened to all that crap I’ve been carrying–my whole life?” Thank you!


I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take my health and healing into my own hands. Slowly, my sleep started to improve.  Getting better sleep seemed to help my emotions.  But the biggest shift I noticed was when the fear was disappearing.  My nervous system stopped reacting to things.  And I had energy again.  I consciously let go of a group of girls that I did not resonate with.  I made new like-minded friends and my family life and marriage improved. I am now completely off all supplements and I am able to eat anything I want again. I can honestly say that I have hit that tipping point that Niki talked about.  The thing to remember is that feelings, thoughts, emotions will intensify on the way out especially ones that you thought you were done with.  For me it was the fear, paranoia and sadness/grief that were the strongest to reoccur.  And the mental detox was rough.  Self hatred was coming up strong! But now, since December I have been feeling grateful, at peace, loving, hopeful, and calm.  Some days I would wake up with a blissful feeling but it doesn’t happen every day.  I still have challenges to work through but I now have the resilience and belief that I will get through it.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!