In this week’s Healing circle tomorrow on the 6th August 2022 Niki will  cover:

  • Exciting updates on the recent ECETI visit in Washington State, USA
  • Amazing UFO footage captured
  • Future plans with James Gilliand – upcoming interview
  • Niki will spend over an one hour  answering questions posted to the Q and A – thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience the profound new 30 minute meditation called Deep Dive
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

Some of you may recall that I posted in the spring about changes that had happened….well as an update, I am happy to advise that: 1. My new neighbors that I had repeated a command (back when we were doing commands) for perfect neighbors that were not noisy, no barking dogs, nature-loving, respectful, etc etc., they have now been here for almost a year and they are WONDERFUL  and we couldn’t have even chosen better neighbors – they are really quite perfect in every way (they even have an amazing, beautiful, loveable non-barking non-noisy dog that I even go around the fence to be with and pet!), and every day I am grateful for them! 2. We have had NO CROWS all summer.   I sort of wondered if the command and success would wear off, but nope – no crows!  For all these months!  Just peace and quiet and sweet songbirds! 3. The blood sugar problems, heartburn et al are all still gone.  Amazing. 4. The new handle on personal boundaries and letting go are all going strong and getting stronger.  No regression at all. I’m so grateful!


Thank you Niki for Saturdays reiki meditation. I know it wasn’t the one you intended but it was exactly the right one for me. It cleared an old trauma I didn’t realise I had and connected me with my dad who passed when I was 11 years old. He wasn’t actually my real dad but I was brought up to believe he was and I didn’t really care he wasn’t because he was such a good man and treated me so well. I always felt as a child he didn’t really love me because I wasn’t his and I always had the feeling I was in the way of him spending time with my mum, so he didn’t want me there. It wasn’t something that I resented or had stuck with me, it was just an old memory which didn’t bother me, or so I thought it didn’t bother me. This isn’t something I’ve thought about for years and years. I’m 51 now. Anyway, in the meditation I felt my dad with me. I hadn’t been thinking about him. My dad let me know he had always loved me and I felt the love in had felt for me in my heart. It was such a beautiful experience and it made me cry, which was such a release too because I was brought up to believe crying was a weakness. I felt such a release after the meditation and I felt lighter and happier to know he did love me. It felt so good and that feeling is still with me. Thank you


I recently started to reread the book the untethered soul by Michael Singer. I read this book a few years ago and remember that it I thought it was a really awesome book and that it really resonated with me. However I’m noticing this time when I’m reading it, it doesn’t have the same pull. The first couple chapters he talks about how your inner roommate (your inner voice) is this maniac, crazy person you’d never want to be around. However, I’ve noticed my inner roommate is now pretty OK. She is no longer catastrophizing, living in regret, or obsessing about being perfect (at least not nearly to the extent that she was). She’s generally, just there and is either in the present, thinking about maybe a few things that need to be done soon, or ecstatically grateful for my wonderful life. Rereading this book was one of those ‘wow’ moments where I realized how much I’ve changed over this last year. What an amazing transformation.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!