In this blockbusting healing circle on the 8th October 2022 Niki plans to speak for 3 hours rather than the usual 2 hour session to cover:

  • What will happen over the next 10-30 years, predictions for what humanity will be awakening to and truths that will be revealed
  • The plans and endgame of the negative planetary elite, how Portal members are being healed and prepared so that in future years they can help others through the Great Awakening
  • Niki will talk about her specific gift which seems to be that Source “tells her about the worst people in the world” and a recent revelation concerning the entities behind her previous ascension school
  • Latest important releases coming through the “Truth Movement” the need to avoid knee jerk reactions or black and white thinking, why neutral discernment is key 
  • Tools and recommendations for healing and a smoother journey ahead
  • A very beautiful and powerful new group 30 minute meditation called Return to Source
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

OMG, this meditation, I do not even have words, it’s like being turned inside out, connecting every part of one’s being to the wonders and bliss of the omniverse. I just want to thank you from the depths of my soul, for the meditation, this portal and upholding your contract with Source in the most beautiful, powerful, mind-bending, being expanding, unpretentious, informative, discreet and humorous way. THANK YOU DEAR NIKI!


 I thoroughly enjoyed today’s guided gratitude meditation…very moving, tearful, and just so amazing. Such a powerful reminder that we have it all through Source; no need to find validation outside of us. Thank you as always for your support and guidance as we all move forward.


Niki I am blown away by your meditation this week. The sheer amount of time and effort you took to write and produce that is awesome and certainly not lost on me. The meditation released the tears which were coming but also ironically a calm. Post meditation I just feel my healing will happen when Source decides and I’m not worrying!! So yes I would be surprised if there was a dry eye in the house because boy you really did boss this. Well done to you and gratitude from us all

Hope to see you all on Saturday!