In this Week’s Sunday Healing Circle, Niki will cover tips to ensure ascension success including:

  • Understanding how commands work with DNA to reprogram your energy field
  • Why there is a need for integration time and how to allow for it
  • The mechanism on how Core Ascension neutralizes physical toxins including chemicals mold bacteria and more
  • Understanding how emotions are transmuted and whether you need to know if they were from this life, a past life, or ancestrally inherited
  • Tips on using and saying commands effectively
  • Tips on reports on offer, how to implement them optimally
  • And more!

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What People Are Saying


 I could write an entire book on my experience in the ascension portal under Niki’s expert guidance so if two words would suffice those words are phenomenal and gratitude. I have been ill with auto-immune disease since i was 3 years old and i will be 65 next month. In fact until I began to get well on this programme I had no idea what it felt like to be truly well. Every day my boundaries of wellness change and every day i think i have reached optimal health, then I achieve more the next day. 

Four and a half years ago I had a near death experience with mould induced pneumonia and mast cell activation. I was given 5 days to live. I didn’t want to live in honesty. My father’s health was declining rapidly at the time and he was my rock, the only person left who gave me unconditional love. I just wanted to wait for him in spirit but the universe had other ideas. I had a massive spiritual awakening at this point. I was very psychic as a child but had lost my connection due to certain life choices. 

I have been on Niki’s programme for twelve months. I resisted every part of it if im honest, told myself a hundred stories to justify the why. I had no idea what ascension was but i knew the body held the score and these emotions that were trapped in my energy field needed shifting. I also knew spiritually I was waking up to something bigger. 

I reached creator level 70 this week and I’m a totally different being. I have so far had spontaneous healing of severe periodontal disease of 43 years. My dentist was flabbergasted. I also learned I had agreed to clear 12 generations of female ancestral trauma in this lifetime but to do that would have put me in an asylum. So i also agreed with Source to experiencing birth trauma, sustaining lack of oxygen to the amygdala. This meant I couldn’t understand most of my emotions or the emotions of others. This too has spontaneously healed. I couldn’t look a person in the eyes because I am so empathic I could see their traumatised soul and that exhausted me too, so my body was indeed holding the score for me and everyone else.

This week I realised that my body was making ATP (energy)again. I had subconsciously over booked myself after 4 years of being afraid of taking on too much and getting sick again. I loved every minute. It was like old times only this time I wasn’t driving myself stupid to hide from the truth. I have learned so much about myself during this process that I mentioned to Niki I felt Id completed an MSc in emotional intelligence in 12 months, to which Source replied it’s a PhD!! 

I wake every morning in gratitude for this amazing journey of growth and development that has trumped any other therapy I have tried. I am eternally grateful to have my connection to Source back and I will not negate on time needed to harness and strengthen that. I am so grateful to Niki who had the foresight / insight to bring all of this learning into one package to truly change lives. 

If you are hesitating and my words resonate all I would say is that’s your chimp (doubting monkey mind!). Tell him lovingly you don’t need his help today and jump in with both feet. Inside this Portal you will find your true family. 

Anne Pemberton Functional Health Practitioner, Registered Nurse

I hope to see you on Sunday!

Take care for now