Up to now, healing trauma has been a primary objective of the Ascension Portal. As many Portal members are nearing the completion of healing all their trauma, we are now ready to make an important pivot towards focusing on the next stage of ascension: surrendering the ego.

Following the heart requires surrender of the ego. Tools to heal past life and developmental trauma are not the same as tools to “surrender the ego.”

Most of the tools for healing developmental and past life trauma have arisen out of Western psychology research and clinical experience.

It is appropriate that the tools arose out of the West, for developmental trauma particularly is a “Western” disease. This type of trauma only became an epidemic after the Industrial Revolution.

Now as we focus on tools to surrender the ego, we look towards solutions from the ancient Eastern traditions including Buddhism. During the times of Buddha, developmental trauma was not an issue!

One of the reasons the Ascension Portal is unique is that we integrate multiple different healing modalities from both the East and West as we recognize each provides a “partial truth,” or a piece of the overall jigsaw puzzle on the path to Ascension.

Learn the 7 steps to Enlightenment and the new Emotional Surrender Process in today’s important healing ceremony.

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 19th August 2023

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Following the Heart  we will cover:

    • The 7 steps to the Path of Enlightenment – a summary of the focus of the Portal to date in our Ascension Path with a focus on step 6 in this healing ceremony
    • Step 7: Surrendering the Ego – learn the steps to follow your heart by releasing worldly limiting beliefs and low frequency emotions
    • The Emotional Surrender Process – learn the process of letting go of low frequency emotions leading to total emotional  and mental freedom
    • Experience the beautiful new listening meditation called Uncharted Heart
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!


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What Members Are Saying About The Loving Kindness Meditation

Saturday’s LK was amazing! Everything was unfolding before Niki even said the words. A dear friend from the Portal was with me in meditation ….it was so beautiful. As soon as Niki mentioned those who harmed us he appeared but before my body could even respond cellularly on the usual way, this dear friend grabbed my hand and no stress response appeared. Before Niki said the words, his soul light came to me and I felt such compassion that such choices were made for lessons to be experienced and for the embodiment as is, having to go through it. 
During meditation, my brain is fully functional and I hear and think everything, but my body is literally completely paralysed. When meditation stops I just have to wait for my body to ‘wake up’ again.
I really loved the LKM – there is something beautiful in a very profound way and it made me think back to when you first started doing your meditations online (before the portal).  I don’t actually know how I happened across you or how I came to be listening to your meditations each Sunday. But there was something very magnetic about the meditations that I found irresistible because they made me feel really good, joyful and happy hence signing up to the portal.  I’ve spent much of my adulthood trying imperfectly to create loving communities for troubled people who’ve harmed others in order to help them heal and take responsibility for their actions.  And I’m very grateful to have felt so aligned with the values and content of the LKM.    Your work and portal is definitely changing me – I was probably more pragmatic, rational and “science” before and now am more confident to be my intuitive emotional self.  Thank you so much for doing what you do.

I am really loving and embracing the loving kindness meditation. This morning after the loving kindness meditation I was in the kitchen and getting some stuff done and my husband,  who can really irritate me, cane in. I realized after a while that I was not irritated or affected and I saw that it is the loving kindness meditation and the overflowing of Source love that created this change. In the past, after my meditation, I am bathed in zen vibes and my frequencies high. But often, being around other frequencies and energy will bring me down a bit and still get to me no matter how much I try to not let them affect me. This morning I realized that I will increasingly be able to not be affected by anyone else’s energy because I will be so full and saturated with Source love/my love.  That does not mean that I will not have boundaries and say what needs to be said, it means that I can have boundaries and say what needs to be said while still having my own frequency incredibly high and my energy will not be affected by the interaction. I am incredibly excited by this. I have struggled with this all my life, when I am alone and creating an incredible interaction with Source, I am high on those energies and then going out into the world has always been challenging to keep my frequency high. I see how that is changing now, amazing! Sending you all loving kindness.

My experience during today’s SHC about loving kindness was intense. I was unable to stop the tears during the presentation and then I was gone. I came back for the meditation but was only half present. Will definitely have to re-listen to the whole thing. Now I’m dealing with low energy, some nausea and a headache. What’s that all about?!!  On a brighter note, each time I listen to the LK meditation I’m a little more present. Still baby steps for me. 
I had several profound experiences this week after the loving kindness meditation as well. I have felt very satisfied with what I’m doing, and being alone with my self. Taking rest when I need it, and honoring myself as challenges come up. These changed reactions to every day life have come with an ease that I know is a big change for me. They haven’t been big firework/explosion changes, but so sweet. Like just experiencing complete presence and awareness in my garden, as I was listening to the Field  Clearance meditation, and feeling it to a depth that I have not had before.
The Loving Kindness Meditation is getting better for me also.  In a previous post (and on Saturday’s Zoom Call), I shared how I was having trouble sending loving kindness to my sister-in-law for continuous hurts that piled up into resentment towards her.   I took Niki’s advice and rewatched the 5 Step Process on letting go of resentment in the Emotional Intelligence Module.  I wrote a letter to her (that I don’t intend to send) and discovered that underneath the hurt and anger was a lot of grief and sadness.  The relationship between our families have been severed, and even though we weren’t super close before, it was a huge loss that I wasn’t ready to acknowledge because I was just too angry at her.  I also realize that I was indulging in a bit of victimhood which I don’t want to hang onto either.  So after doing the meditation today, it felt more possible to send it to her, a little softer somehow.  I’m not sure how I’d feel if we ever see her again because we haven’t seen her and her family since the beginning of Covid, but I’d like to heal my feelings toward her whether we see them again or not.  It doesn’t feel like a relationship we’d want to rekindle because we’ve grown so far apart in our views and perceptions of the world, but it was still a loss and I had to grieve the good times we used to have with them. Thank you for guiding us through this meditation process!  I look forward to the healing I’m receiving as well as being able to send the healing to others.  I also look forward to opening up my heart chakra because I feel it’s been a challenge for me in the past (to protect myself from being hurt). Love and blessings to everyone in the Portal who are sharing in this most important work!!!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!