In this week’s Healing circle on the 20th August 2022 Niki will cover:

  • Understanding how standard human consciousness is fragmented and the implications for living and healing
  • How this fragmentation links to the “pain-body” which can be black, dark grey, light grey, pale or clear
  • Learning to identify whether we are listening to the inner voice of the pain-body and socially engineered ego, or our Higher Self
  • Introduction to the Flow Technique to release stuck or blocked emotions and energy in the body
  • Further help and updates identifying and removing the impact of bias on divine pendulum readings
  • Niki will spend over an one hour  answering questions posted to the Q and A – thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience the powerful new profound 30 minute meditation called The Divine Masculine
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

Hello precious portal family! Wanted to share a really special meditation I did with source on Thursday. I was starting my musical meditation from the HC and asked my source team if they could do some healing work on my digestive tract. I can’t even remember now everything I did during this 30 minute mediation but it was like nothing I’ve ever done before!!! I “saw” this golden light beam from above enter my mouth and work it’s way down my entire digestive tract. My tummy was making audible rumbling noises. Source told me that all the imbalances that had made me ultra sensitive to wheat had been transmuted, disintegrated, dispersed, never to return or bother me again. I was crying tears of joy and gratitude by this time. When the meditation was done, I energy tested for whether I needed more of these healing sessions for this extreme wheat sensitivity to be gone, fully expecting an answer that it would take a number of session to complete the process. To my surprise, I tested that I was now fully healed of extreme sensitivity.  The burning in my small intestine and bad headache went away that afternoon. YAY! I know this is what ascension is doing for me as well. But I feel better now about this issue going away sooner rather than later, as it has made it nearly impossible to eat out at restaurants. I will slowly start to experiment with this. I have made progress on other food sensitivities lately as well, that I attribute to being in this portal. I can now eat egg yolks and gluten free oatmeal. I have not tried to eat either of these in probably 5 years or so. Despite all the functional medicine work, detox, brain retraining, and bioenergetics I’ve done over the years, I’ve never been able to get rid of all these sensitivities. I have every confidence that my ascension in the portal will continue to reverse these digestive and autoimmune imbalances for me. HALLELUJAH!!!!! Thank you so much Niki and @SOURCE!!!!  


Dear Ascension Family, Last week my estranged daughter and granddaughter were coming to visit me for the first time in 14 months! It was amazing that Ron and I were totally neutral through this whole conversation. My daughter tried to push my 70+ buttons, after all I installed them for her! And what she was expecting didn’t surface. She even commented that I have changed. Saying that I didn’t do the usual reaching out to her. Or try to fix the situation or take sides, And give her material things to take home. They cried and cried telling their stories when I finally interrupted and told them that I signed up like “Mighty Mouse” to save the day! That I signed a contract to come to earth to clear our Polish ancestral karma back 12 generations. I couldn’t believe I revealed this! Now I got their attention. Furthermore, I told them that last year I went through the same thing they’re going through now. I learned about expanding my consciousness learning FORGIVENESS and LOVE.  In September 2021, I cleared 18 emotions from my childhood with Source! I now see it as ‘flavors’ of anger!  Here’s the list: grandiosity, narcissism, frustration, irritation, victim, bitterness, resentment, hatred, perfectionism, defensiveness, shame, obsequiousness, self sacrifice, uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, indolence, and powerlessness. I explained it was the hardest 6 week exercise I ever did in my entire life. We concluded our revealing visit with lots of hugs and kisses. And a better understanding of each other’s pain. I really don’t know what happened to us that day. I agree that we are all ascending and this is the first step of their process of awakening to inner peace. I connected to Source that night in deep gratitude for my day of growth.  Praying for my families’ choice of continued awaking and healing. To be continued…LLTW xxxooo 


Last week in connecting to Source- I saw us all holding hands floating above the earth (looking down onto our beautiful planet) and heard that we were “its army of peace and freedom” then a huge column of light burst out of its center and shot thru the center of our circle- pulled us all up within it- upward toward the universe- with the feeling of returning home. Strong message that we had all volunteered for this earth mission- that we had completed it and were now returning HOME. It was an awesome experience

Hope to see you all on Saturday!