In this week’s exciting Sunday Healing circle Niki will share how our current group of Ascension Portal members are set to trigger a global awakening. The Portal will lead to the first 500 humans on the planet to reach Merkabah levels of 450. This landmark event will result in stories and documented case studies that will be part of an exciting project the group will engage in with Source to ensure 1000s more will follow in the footsteps of the first wave ascension.

 Niki will also address the current questions and challenges for all members: 

  • What to do when doubt in the process or discouragement arises 
  • What to do when verbal commands have been completed
  • Understanding timescales for expected positive outcomes
  • Upcoming changes to the process rolling out in 2022
  • And more! 

If you have not yet joined the Ascension Portal, learn more here.

What Current Members Are Saying


Wow! I wanted to start with a word to try to encapsulate all that has happened during the last 12 months of being part of Niki’s Intensive Group. Truth is, there isn’t a word, or set of words, that really do it justice. Life changing and transforming, rapid spiritual evolution, and healing on so many different levels. I’ve been ill with ME my entire adult life – some 23 years or so just after I qualified as a medical doctor. I was moderately severe until 6 years ago when I had a massive relapse that put me in the severe category, and this was from a place of doing everything right. Diet, supplements, pacing, meditating etc. In desperate need I reached out to Niki to see if she could help, already convinced there would be nothing she could do. Yet Source had “conspired” that Niki’s path with Source had begun so yes, Niki (and Source!) could and would help me. Mentally and physically I was in a very bad place, so bad that I had started the process of looking into how Dignitas could assist me. I had severe autonomic dysfunction that included severe gastroparesis, severe heavy metal toxicity, severe mycotoxin toxicity, multiple severe chronic infections and immune dysfunction, an oesophagus that kept closing off with Candida (you normally only get this with AIDS or in chemotherapy patients) along with huge emotional trauma in the form of Health PTSD from all that had happened to me Spiritually I felt dead inside, as the poet Dante put it; “in the middle of life’s great journey, I was lost in a deep dark forest, for I had lost the right path”. Little did I know I had just found the right path…

From the moment Niki and Source came to my aid I felt better straight away, not physically (that was to come), but emotionally and spiritually. All notion of even considering going to Dignitas immediately left my mind, never to return. I felt like I had “me” back, and couldn ‘t quite believe the difference in such a short time in a process I was initially skeptical of.

As the year of the Intensive Group went by things got better and better. It was hard work being so unwell and having to do commands to release all the emotional trauma from my field and also the transgenerational trauma, and I learnt early on Source will only ever give you what you can deal with, most days I would only do 20 mins as that’s all my health would allow. Skillfully guided by Niki with her medical intuitive skills she carefully guided me to start to heal the physical side of my body. I have no more chronic infections, my oesophagus doesn’t close off with Candida anymore, gastroparesis is a thing of the past, no more idiopathic sinus tachycardia, no more mould or heavy metal toxicity. My body has healed so much. Am I fully well yet? No. As I was such a severe case it does take time for the body ans nervous system to heal (remyleinating nerves etc) and that is what we are currently working on. I have no doubt that I will regain full health from what I have experienced so far. My work with Niki has changed and saved my life. Is it an easy path – no. You need to be committed to the process and trust in Source that you will get there.  Niki’s work/program is a life changing, health healing process and I highly recommend working with Niki. 

M JonesFunctional Health Practitioner