In this week’s Healing circle on the 27th August 2022 Niki will cover:

  • Niki will briefly discuss the upcoming economic shift unfolding over the next 5-10 years and how to prepare 
  • How to handle events, situations and people in your life that appear to be going “wrong” or not going your way
  • How such events are either related to the law of attraction (synchronicity, karma), or just a consequence of being alive on planet Earth in these times, what to expect as you continue to ascend
  • Niki will share a personal story about how her beliefs set up a karmic experience which has eventually cleared due to integration with the 17th DNA strand this week
  • Tools to realign yourself quickly back into state of gratitude, which is alignment with Source
  • Niki will spend up to 45 minutes answering questions posted to the Q and A – thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience the powerful profound 30 minute meditation called The Divine Masculine
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

Hello all. I have been packing things up and organizing what to throw away or give away as i prepare to move sometime in the future, and it only now occurs to me that most of my previous life has been somewhat irrelevant, from my current perspective! While society and clients have found virtually all of my past business activities to be worthy of praise and reward of various means, all appear to have come from a place of ego and pleasing others! Practically nothing holds any great meaning except projects that originated from my own passion, and that were self-initiated and self-funded.
The things that now hold greater meaning come from my creative pursuits and relationships.
WOW…never saw that coming! Thank you Niki and other portal family members! This portal has been such a growing and learning experience in so many ways!


I absolutely loved it today’s meditation too. Lately I have been waking up at 3,30am Sunday my time (in Queensland Australia) just in time to plug in to the healing circle while i am lying in bed, I must have dozed off again today and then i was woken when the meditation started — my whole body was tingling and I felt incredibly light and spacious, a blissful  state of almost oneness, it was pure heaven. I had told Source if it is important for me to attend  Live then wake me up in time, i have woken up at 3.30am every Sunday since 🙂 ha ha Maybe this week i will add to my request keep the dog asleep until the meditation is over… 


I feel strongly I reached 1597 during my meditation in the afternoon.  My energy field began to feel almost ‘explosive’ as if I was expanding into a new level of power…as it’s been mentioned before the mental beliefs/stress that underpin the anxiety…well it suddenly disappeared.  I could still notice my monkey mind but there was a plateau of peace and inner calm beneath which meant the anxiety I had been experiencing dissolved. I suddenly felt as if all was going to be well. And rumblings of what I guess the Buddhists often refer to as ‘non-attachment’. It’s tremendous. Several synchronicities showed up in the afternoon to reflect the big shift. My mother who is quite psychic called me out of the blue in the afternoon around the exact time. And that night in my Kundalini yoga class I could feel as if my energy field was wide and sooooo strong. Like a mini bomb had gone off around me. Even my teacher who is very zen, grounded and doesn’t interact much after after class called me over. That was such a sign! So that’s where I’m landing…in this grounded very inner peaceful zen place. I feel as if my life mission has been completed and from now on I can relax – yes still be productive – but there’s a sense that Source is very much interweaved and with me in my reality.  It’s incredible. Thank you all, Niki, the portal, our spirit teams, and Gaia for arriving at this miraculous point.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!