We share another testimonial of the reaction of a shocked doctor, this time over a CT scan this week – see the testimonial below! And, as we predicted, practitioner will become more successful in their practices as they heal and complete their ascension work.

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And so the healing continues: this week we are focusing specifically on healing our feminine and masculines sides as part of the larger process of “Growing Up.”

Many of us have rejected different beneficial masculine or feminine traits, this in turn means we miss out on what is called being at Yellow Integral in the system of Spiral Dynamics.

Spiral Dynamics is an amazing map of the development of human consciousness over many 100s of years. It is based on empirical data through surveying almost 50,000 people. Only a small number of people ever reach one of the highest levels of development which is termed Yellow Integral.

It appears that as human consciousness develops, in the more advanced levels, more and more feminine traits appear such as compassion, spontaneity and connection, however as we will discuss in the ceremony we must be careful not to forget or reject important beneficial masculine traits such as leadership, confidence and commitment. 

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 21st October 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Growing up we will cover:

    • The Feminine and Masculine Traits– we cover all the key feminine and masculine traits explaining what they are in detail to help people identify if they have integrated the trait successfully
    • Summary of the 7 Levels of Spiral Dynamics (SD)  – we cover the 7 levels, Beige, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow levels of consciousness development and the benefits of each level.
    • How the female and male traits link to each of the 7 Levels of SD – next we explain how the lower levels on SD tend to incorporate all the masculine traits while the higher levels integrate the feminine traits – but they are ALL important, nothing should be rejected, downplayed or ignored.
    • We will cover 15 Member Case Studies
    • Experience the new deep dive meditation called Dreaming
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying  

I’ve been in this portal since Nikii started it. In didn’t  truly understand anything she was talking about except getting better and healing. I am 66 years old with many different things wrong with me. One of my latest problems has been Bronchiectasis. For a few years I have been seeing a pulmonologist for it. After I took my latest CT scan he was totally surprised. My doctor was absolutely shocked how good my scan was. I am almost cured of bronchiectasis. The radiologist who read the CT scan wanted to know which I pill or prescription did the doctor give me to get better. I told the doctor with a smile that I meditate every day to healing meditations. He was so happy at seeing these results. The doctor told me he’s never seen anything like this. I just hope this Bronchiectasis is gone for good.


I work as a Biokinesiologist and see clients weekly in the last six months or so I have been drawn to do healing work on some clients using my hands and divine muscle testing along with pendulum testing. Out of the blue clients are coming to me for this healing through word of mouth.  When I meditate my hands get really hot and I have been shown images of my hands.


Thank you so much for taking us through this process of ascension. I feel I’ve always been somewhat spiritual but would have never thought I’d go down a path like this. It has been amazing to see the changes in my mental state and I have been soo loving the clearing of and increased connection with my source team. I also feel so blessed to be able to work on my spirituality from home while I get to raise my 4 littles. I hope to be a better mother to them and show them a different path to spirituality than mainstream religions. We love listening to your meditations at bedtime. I feel like your meditations have also helped me keep a much better attitude while my 9 month old is still working on sleeping through the night. I figure nighttime becomes the perfect time to meditate if I’m not sleeping anyway. Thank you again for being our kind, discerning, comprehensive teacher in this process.


Hope to see you all on Saturday!