In this eye opening cutting edge healing circle on the 15th October 2022 addressing solutions to the issues and problems facing us individually and collectively shared in last week’s healing circle, Niki will cover:

  • How and why healing the divine feminine and masculine energies within us is the solution to preventing the Endgame plans of the negative Cabal
  • How and when the archetypal energies of the divine feminine and masculine originated, how they became profoundly wounded, leading humanity vulnerable to tyrannical ET control and manipulation
  • Understanding the two core types of narcissism, one arising from toxic masculinity – the Bully Narcissist, and the one arising from toxic femininity  – the Empath Narcissist
  • Full explanation of how toxic masculinity and femininity shows up, how to heal them, leading to full unification and transcendence of the polarity of light and dark on the planet 
  • Experience a deep journey to your core in this feminine/masculine healing  new group 30 minute meditation called The I AM
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

Niki, your presentation was absolutely brilliant. I can really see it took superhuman effort to put so much together for us in just one week—and how passionate you are about bringing the whole picture together for us here right now. And you did it! The clarity is stunning. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve pulled everything together into one coherent chronological string and made sense of it all. That it took guts is an understatement. Over the years I knew most of this but you really pulled it together. I’d been trying to get the full picture—and now it’s all here, spelled out for the hundreds of us here.  It’s touched my heart deeply. I can see you are deeply passionate about your mission and it’s so inspiring. I’m truly grateful to be part of this group, and I know it’s no accident we’ve all come together. Now, more than ever. What you’ve shared now truly brings us together united under this banner. You’ve taken great risk and shown tremendous courage, determination, generosity and love—you are truly stepping into your calling as an ascension teacher and leader of our time. The gratitude I have is profound. I wish you every blessing Niki. Thank you again. I am with you. Where we go one we go all!


Dearest God Source, Niki, Ascension Team, Source Teams and Portal Peeps!!! All I can feel is an overwhelming sense of gratitude all of my days. Thank you Niki for bumping us up to the two plus hours of meditation daily. I actually had started the week before you put it into play for all of us. I had just begun “I believe” statements, just kind of made it up after capping out on vision statements. Had written out, I believe I can take responsibility for my ascension. The monkey mind after a grand finale of compounding noise crescendo-ed into a breath of flowing stillness. My meditations are now this Love Fest. I meditated for 35 years before joining this school back in January. I have never looked forward to, enjoyed, reveled in meditation like I experience now. And amazingly I feel in contact with God Source Creator pretty much most of the time. It is truly a LOVE party of sweetness, humor and being held in a way previously unimaginable.
Thank You, Thank You All, Thank You, again and again. Big Blessings to all LLT Warriors!!


I’ve been meditating 2 hours a day since Saturday and feel several new sensations and benefits. It’s awesome! I made a few playlists to track my time. Niki, the video you made was easy to follow, thanks! I sense deep healing occurring !  I feel my entire body vibrate with energy right from the start of my mediations.  I’ve experienced a larger variety of colors and environments too. I feel suspended in space and absolutely RELAX ~ just BEING is sensational! Today my father was in my presence and I cried feeling his childhood pain. I sensed my dad’s true essence~ being gentle and kind, with deep wounds. He was verbally abusive and struggled with several addictions. I saw a Native American woman, I think she’s part of my source team and a little hedgehog. I took a dive deep in the ocean & saw many creatures including a dolphin and swam with a sea turtle. They were fun to play with! I found myself floating in space with multi colored skies. A physical benefit I notice is every time I’m meditating my digestion is activated ~ meaning my stomach gurgles which means it’s processing food MORE EFFECTIVELY. This is the same thing that happens when I have acupuncture and the sensation indicates I’m TOTALLY at peace and relaxed. If you’ve been hesitating or resisting meditating 2 hours a day ~ I encourage you to make yourself a priority and find a way to do it! 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!