In this week’s Healing circle on the 25th June 2022 Niki will  cover:

  • Explanation of the ascension process for humans with human souls in the coming decade
  • Confirmation of the final wave of the Portal reaching CC1597
  • The implications of changes expected from completing activation of the 15th DNA strand
  • Brief commentary on results from testing with Source about current news and hot topics 
  • Niki will spend one hour on live Q and A – please submit any questions to the Live Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience the beautiful NEW group meditation called Divine Feminine
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

Exciting! I had a biofield tuning this week, I’ve told my therapist about the ascension school but nothing shout 12 strand activation or the work on the merkabah. Apparently I reach 1597 a few weeks back. After working on my field she said there were some inter changes in my field.  It seems I had activated a field that runs down the front of the body that is to do with 12 strand DNA activation, also that my field had greater complexity like it was more resonant or it had greater more complex geometry (I asked if it was like a merkabah that may have more sides & she said that was what it felt like), also that it was as if I was shedding multiple skins especially a big release of a mental body in progress. Confirmation indeed!! 


Beautiful meditation. I’m halfway through the Saturday zoom meeting from last week. Thank you for keeping it on the site. Truly grateful for it. Absorbing info deeply. Healing with it. In tears. A long time coming for me. Interestingly was almost addicted to meditation for the last five years. Some days I would meditate for 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours a day. Was in suffering when not meditating. I have moderate to severe ME. I would sometimes laugh at myself. Part of me thinking that this illness has led me to a dream I’ve always had of living on an ashram devoted to divine Source. I’ve been led to and am healing the developmental trauma of childhood and from narcissistic relationships and energy murder and this inter mixed my own karma. Just finished listening to the zoom call with Niki. It was hard on the one hand but truly like putting on clarity glasses lol. Feel on the edge and ledge and pivot of shifting awareness. Conscienceless. Swept over by duality still which I didn’t really understand until recently. From a knowing place. 1597. Just feel my heart opening and tears. Blessings all and thank you Niki. Have a great holiday. 


Niki has asked us to share our experiences so listening to her talk of experiencing peace on reaching cc1597 reminded me of an experience I had last week. Last weekend during a meditation when I was about half way through this sense of profound peace descended on me with it a feeling that something had been worked out. What is was I don’t know but on reflection it was also a sense of relief that I had let go of something. This stayed with me for the rest of the day and the following day.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!