Important announcement: The first wave of portal members will reach their full 12 strand DNA activation (Merkabah level 1597) as a Group in Saturday’s Healing Circle (tomorrow).

If you are a member of the Portal and would like to consciously experience reaching CC1597, please join the Saturday Healing Circles over the next 6 weeks. All of the first 700 members of the Portal will have reached CC1597 by mid June. If you miss the live Saturday event, you can receive your activation consciously by tuning into the replay.

Also In tomorrow’s Healing circle on the 7th May 2022:

  • We are having our next Live Q and A session. Please post questions you would like Niki to answer live in the dedicated Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum
  • Niki will briefly discuss the implications of reaching CC1597 and remind people to celebrate!
  • Beautiful group meditation called Freedom
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying


I’ll do my best to share what changes I’ve noticed.  Feeling more contained and less inclined to ‘blend’ with other people. Saw my family on Monday and it was drama free. I was able to stay separate from them, set boundaries, love them and spot unhealthy patterns that I choose not to engage with. I love going out by myself (Sourcey and me out for an adventure!). Any trips out have gone really smoothly. The biggest change I feel over the past few months is not being affected by the news or mass consciousness stuff. It’s as if I’m living in a different reality where I have no fears about health, disease, freedom, etc. Because I trust it’s going to work out ok. Some would say I’m in a bubble of delusion. Let’s see what happens next…I don’t have any big fancy experiences to share. I’m still dealing with energy, pain and focus issues but I trust they’re on their way out.


Hi everyone, I’ve had a 20 year history of intermittent hair loss and the last few years I’ve had several bald spots at my temples. I go through periods where patches of fine baby hair grow through but they never grow longer and eventually fall back out. Last spring my hairline started receding and the sides of my head became very thin. I’ve done restricted eating for over 30 years, thyroid and hormonal issues and after some testing in my early 30s I was told I had male pattern baldness which was such a cop out from the Consultant. I decided to take some photos in January just to see if anything changed over time. Overall, I noticed my hair started growing at lightening speed in February and the tails on my eyebrows were coming back and thickening up. Last September my nails snapped off and they would not grow again without splitting or ripping off. They were also growing like mad and not splitting the last few weeks so I decided to repeat the photos of my hair this week and well, I hope they speak for themselves. I’ve truly had to hold on to the smallest changes to keep me going, but these photos show the changes aren’t that small after all! I’m totally celebrating it as really strong foundational healing Such a long way to go but I’m so pleased I took those photos.


I’ve been wanting to share my experiences so far . I’d accepted that I was moving along at my own slow pace with nothing spectacular to report. I was beginning to think nothing was happening for me and then I decided to write a list of all the changes that I’ve noticed. And while they seemed kind of insignificant, when I looked over my list I was pretty pleased. No shooting stars or spectacular spiritual events, but a deep sense of peace. I feel that my life is ease-ful, full of peace, a state of grace. More joy. I no longer ruminate over past regrets or grievances… they’ve simply dropped away. No heavy emotions or negativity and I’m not bothered by thinking of old traumas. I have become very non-reactive to things, I don’t get my buttons pushed about anything…kind of  a zen state of observation of life around me. Self care is easier, I laugh a lot and my sense of humour has revived. My intuition seems sharper. Oh, and my hair is growing like weeds!! I used to get a cut every 6 weeks now after 3 weeks it is out of control!

See you all soon!