This week Niki will share essential information covering:

  • The importance of integrating the dark AND the light for growth and ascension
  • Learning not to judge, get angry or fear the dark
  • Why those that have integrated and accepted the dark in themselves and past lives are in a much better position for dealing with the next 10 years on Earth
  • Niki will share information about her own dark and light past lives and how she was prepared to be an Ascension Guide at this time
  • What it means to surrender to Source, the average surrender levels in the Portal
  • Experience a a beautiful new 30 minute Group meditation called Surrender
  • Important Ascension Portal progress update
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying


I joined July 2021. I healed my relationship with my brother which was my intention in 1988 when I did a year of rebirthing. I am more excited than ever-like something is waking up inside me! I have more peace than ever. I know now that my devastating chronic illness of 11 years has led me to Niki (after hearing her at the Trauma Summit). I would never have taken the time to connect with myself and heal my self-love deficit. I was so busy and helping others. I feel intense joy or overwhelming feelings of energy that I can’t explain-crying many times a day. I am discerning what to control in my life. (I used to be a control nut) I look forward to be being guided and tapped into Source consciously (along with getting my pendulum to work!!). Thank you, Niki, beyond words! I learned from Miguel Ruiz in 1990 about “living heaven on earth” that was in my vision statement then and now being realized.


I am not a eloquent writer but will give a current overview. Miracles – The healing of my physical health that has been transformative, I have no food intolerances, my energy is vastly improved, my time in present moment and healing of developmental trauma.. Totally unrecognizable, I have given up smoking after 20 years, exited a narcissistic relationship that nearly sent me to my death have healed from this in a very short space of time, left my old job that I was in for 10 years that was contributing to poor health and got the job i wanted, attracted a secure relationship who is subscribed to similar multi dimensional beliefs, has had psychic experiences throughout his life and I intuitively feel is an ET soul… The flow and ease of my life noticeably easier and less work, angelic beings have visited and supported my journey numerous times me and source is communicating with me when I am open and willing to receive the information.  My life circumstances are increasingly clear. I found the portal after detoxing from substances as was 10 years in addiction and since come off my antidepressants my story is similar to many – I come from a long line of generational trauma was a runaway at 16 and was in the world alone to survive. I feel unafraid of the doubt but now wish it to let it serve me as growth, I find myself coming to the conclusion that my life circumstances and infinite possibilities can only really be achieved with my connection with Source…. The placebo is real, anything can become reality. 


The Sunday session was very uplifting for me.  Yesterday I had to do some pendulum testing before the session, since my partner have got covid-19 and I was not sure that my natural immunity could prevent me of catching it as well, since the next day I had to chair a commission for PhD thesis defense of a Chilean researcher involved in the project on renewables I chair. I asked Source several times and the answers were “You are immune”, “You are not contagious”, “You should go.” I was quite resistant to have a lunch with the PhD student, his tutor and another colleague (traditional in Spain). I was looking for any pretext for not assisting. but the Source just wanted me to be there. So, today I travelled to the University where I was invited for the defense of the PhD thesis. It was really brilliant, moreover the conversation during the lunch was just outstanding. It was my first personal contact with this researcher, since due to pandemic we had all our meetings related to the project online, and this meeting was the most interesting of all I ever had with him. During the conversation I understood that it was totally unconventional engineer and researcher. We talked about free energy, quantum physics, Nicolas Tesla, Bruce Lipton, he also shared with us some shamanic experiences he lived in Chili… It was the first time I was able to talk freely with somebody from university who didn’t share the “official science” belief system. It was just a marvelous experience. Sometimes I had a feeling that he just expressed my thoughts. Curiously he had never talked about all this with any of the colleagues (industrial engineers who work on renewable energy) we shared the lunch with and I had an impression that it was quite mind blowing for them. And I felt that this conversation was a consequence of my presence, since it was me who introduced a topic of free energy which he developed with enthusiasm, even if to other engineers have never heard anything about it … it was really uplifting for me. I felt so grateful to the Source for this experience! By the way, I’m already capable of creating free “parking” places for my car when I really need them and it is a great advantage for travelling!


Hope to see you all on Sunday!