In this important 2 hour healing circle on the 29th October 2022 Niki will cover:

  • Surprise announcement regarding Skye Lodge – the physical healing center planned for Ascension Portal members
  • Understanding karma, what it is, how unresolved karma blocks divine healing, how to clear and rebalance karma
  • How 8% of the Portal are telepathic channelers and confirmation of why their channel is not yet 100% LLT, new source codes to heal this and how long it will take
  • Important updates on understanding two ET races: The Greys and The Arcturians
  • A new group 30 minute deep sound bowl meditation called Homecoming
  • Niki will answer questions posted in the Live Q and A section of the Member’s Forum
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

Thanks so much! I appreciate your help. Your guidance and awareness of what is really happening in the world has always deeply resonated with me and my sister and we both SOOOO appreciate you!! We plan our lives around your Saturday sessions. Endless blessings to you for having the incredible courage to follow this challenging path and be the light for countless others. Much love


Thank you for taking our hand as we slide into these darker topics. How you have been connecting the dots has really helped me put it all in perspective. By seeing the ‘dark’ without fear and judgment we are bringing ‘light’ to it and that shifts the vibration. From there we follow our personal path to expand this into our collective missions. The last two classes have oddly provoked a new level of excitement within me. No grief, no suffering, no judgement of the acts of humanity. I truly see the beauty of our own evolution and the level of curiosity bubbling up within me has sent me into many other rabbit holes as I continue to connect dots at a magnitude that blows my mind (and heart) wide open! I never imagined a free weekly meditation over a year ago would lead me here, which peaks my curiosity about where we will be a year from now! Woohoo! 


Thank you for yesterday’s healing circle. At the moment I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the new information. Not just your information but the way so many things (everything?) is now being compared with this new feminine/masculine dynamic in my brain and consciousness. I wasn’t aware of the toxic feminine/empath narcissist,  archetype, but now I am, I see it everywhere in my life. This is on a personal level within myself, with my parents, especially my mum and her relationship with her mother. I see it in my job, in my own behaviour and motivations, my colleagues, the organisation and wider politics. It’s huge. I’m actually not sure how I can go to work tomorrow and carry on as normal!  It’s going to take a while to process all this but you have connected the dots and illuminated that which was invisible but there the whole time. This feels like something big has changed, like one of those no going back from moments. Thank you for explaining cancel culture and identity politics in this context. It’s so helpful to have a framework for why certain things bother me or feel off when they are seemingly inclusive or progressive etc. For example, I was recently told at work to add pronouns to my email signature (I work in inclusion and welfare in an Further Education college – I don’t think these exist in the US – it’s mostly vocational courses for age 16+). I immediately felt resistance to this without having a coherent reason why, surely being inclusive is good right?! Anyway thank you for contextualising and presenting all this information and expanding my awareness.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!