In this weeks exciting healing circle, Niki will be covering:

  • Special guest will be joining us energetically to entertain and support the Ascension Portal going forward
  • The science behind humor for healing and humor as a sign of waking up and growing up
  • More significant genetics SNPs that are bypassed at the higher CC levels, the implications and why some people experience more detox reactions that others
  • Our penultimate group healing for almost 350,000 disincarnate souls
  • New group meditation music
  • Ascension progress update
  • And more!

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What People Are Saying


Happy new year everyone! I finally made it to watch a sunrise and gosh what a powerful moment that is. One my way home I was with my thoughts and then suddenly felt this very familiar urge to stop the inner chatter and distract. In the split moment I had a powerful insight. I did this alot, I didn’t feel safe to just allow my thoughts and chatter to wonder. I’m afraid of the darkness that lies in there.  Then another amazing thought it was different. The inner space was different it felt safe and happy space. Thank you @niki to everyone we’ve shared the journey with. It’s not something I was even aware of before and to realise this and also understand the depth of healing that’s occurred in the same moment was incredibly humbling.  Immediately I reassured myself it’s safe space now and it’s OK to mooch within myself. Not sure if I’m sharing just how impactful a moment that was but I feel like I just myself permission to hang out with myself. #2022 is going to be fun. I just found a new friend


Dear Ascension Family. I am overjoyed to report some very small shifts that for me are incredible to experience.  I’ve been reluctant to share this because of my old conditioning….if I acknowledge it will it go away?  will I jinx it?  but a few healing circles ago during one of the meditations I felt a connection with Source and it seemed to tell me that it was Source who directed me to Niki and even though I knew it on some level I feel like it was confirmed.  I started on this path in April, after listening to a talk by Niki on attachment trauma where I felt like she was talking to me-it was the first time something resonated so strongly with my past experiences.  Since doing this work, I’ve felt small shifts that are now feeling more significant in my life.  I can actually experience more joy in my existing life.  The things that used to trigger me, do so less often and with less intensity.  I’m not miserable all the time anymore…I still have my moments of course but I seem to get over them quicker.  This is huge for me because my relationship with my husband and daughter were the two biggest reasons I wanted to do this work and I am now finally seeing improvements.  I am so grateful for this new state of being I am now in.  These are small things but huge for me.  A few weeks ago I was walking my dog and instead of rushing through the walk, I actually took joy (yes joy!) in allowing her to stop and sniff and take breaks for her to pause and sniff during  the walk and while she did I allowed myself to  take in the views around me.  I NEVER felt that before where I could just be and not rush to the next thing.  All the seemingly mundane aspects of my life are now moments for me to take in and experience instead of worrying about the time going by.  I still do this at times but without the fervor and intense anxiety I had before. There was never a pause in my life always just rushing to get to the next thing but however slight I see more pauses if that makes sense…where I can catch myself and remind myself that there is another way. I feel like a lot of my past posts have been expressing doubt but I am now shifting into wonder and amazement.  Thank you ascension family for supporting me along the way and particularly to Niki for this incredible experience.. 

Hope to see you all on Sunday!