The fifth wave of portal members will reach their full 12 strand DNA activation (Merkabah level 1597) as a Group in this coming Saturday’s Healing Circle (or during the replay). There are currently around 433 people at CC1597 – congratulations to them!

Also In tomorrow’s Healing circle on the 4th June 2022:

  • We are having our next Live Q and A session. Please post questions you would like Niki to answer live in the dedicated Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum
  • Niki will briefly discuss the implications of her completing integration with the 15th dimension (15th strand) for the entire Portal.
  • Beautiful group meditation called Eternity
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

    If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

    What People Are Saying


    All 6 different spinal diseases with which I have been diagnosed over the years have become a big nothing. I am pain free and can stand up straight. An old rotator cuff injury that has been an issue for over 40 years is starting to heal beautifully. The two pinched nerves in my low back are slowly resolving and feeling is starting to return to my left foot and calf muscle, which have been negatively affected. While in the process of going to sleep at night, I am aware of the sensations of being touched in various parts of my body and feeling a release come with it – physical tweaks to my system. While not really paying attention to anything in particular, memories of small interactions where my role was not particularly “Ascension worthy”, have come up with increasing frequency. This has allowed me to energetically ask the other person’s soul for forgiveness and to send them love. It feels resolved. This has also occurred in reverse where someone was less than kind to me and I have forgiven them and sent them love as well. By acknowledging and thanking Source for making me aware of these issues and immediately resolving them, they seem to be getting more frequent and specific! I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to make amends, and I feel lighter. I am curious whether the touch sensations are what is triggering these memories, as I know that such interactions do get trapped in our auric field. I do energy healing and have found that my conversations with clients are so exactly targeted to what they need to hear that it is starting to become uncanny. I have also found that the healings themselves are deeper and more profound. I have been much calmer and surrendered to what is. I find that my body sensations during the meditations are quite strong – alignment in the correct posture where my body connects heaven and earth lands in me with a profound awareness….something strongly energetic is occurring. There is a sense of groundedness while being very open to Source, and there is a distinct anchoring sensation in my body itself – what the energy healing school referred to as ‘being aligned in hara” – the dimension of intentionality  Overall i feel divinely guided and deeply grateful and am working toward losing all fear so i can continue to manifest many more positive things in the world.


    So every day since last Saturday I have used the HC meditation from the May 14 recording. I have been plagued with monkey mind for the longest time. Today I have had the most profound experience ever during any meditation using the May 14 recording again. So nothing any different for 10 to 15 minutes then wow a kaleidoscope light show of purples, pinks and blues. Images within I couldn’t really make out. My body became heavy, very heavy, warm and deeply peaceful. I had in my head “please don’t come to an end”. I was locked in position. My body was twitching gently occasionally.  When the meditation ended I didn’t want to listen to you round up Niki. I was still transfixed in warmth, peace, heaviness but wonderful not unpleasant. I didn’t want to move a muscle. The sense of peace was sooo deep and all encompassing. 20 minutes, half an hour later I opened my eyes because I thought I should and continued in the same deeply peaceful state. I don’t know for how long. But eventually I moved slowly slowly coming back. Wow wow wow. What WAS that. Wonderful and amazing whatever it was


    I had an amazing experience. I listened to the replay of the Saturday healing circle on Saturday night and I didn’t feel in any way that I had reached cc 1597. However Sunday morning, I was doing a post detox coffee enema and I played the Tranquility meditation as I began the process and my body became so relaxed, yet so alive, really blissful. I was focusing on this beautiful experience and decided to send love and healing to the victims and their families in Texas. Then I decided to send out love and healing to everyone on the earth that was suffering in anyway. This amazing feeling in my body just grew and I found myself weeping and yet drooling on the pillow because I was so relaxed. The music ended and I came back to this reality. I felt amazing all day. So deeply grateful for this healthy body and my experience here on earth and in the portal. Thank you Nikki and everyone in the portal for sharing this amazing journey with me

    Hope to see you all on Sunday!