In this 2 hour healing circle on the 5th November 2022 Niki will cover:

  • Latest announcements
  • Updates on the pendulum testing group
  • Group index progress tracking on DNA activation and integration
  • A beautiful new group 30 minute far Eastern inspired meditation called Lovesong
  • Niki will answer questions posted in the Live Q and A section of the Member’s Forum
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

As I meditated with the Gratitude Meditation, I imagined letting go of my earthly possessions, layer by layer. I laid aside the “precious things” that I have inherited from numerous generations. Accumulated possessions which have been cherished and labeled as important in our family. I laid aside the “things” that I have accumulated during my own lifetime, possessions which hold memories and emotions felt in times of laughter as well as loss. Memories, some of which are skewed by my inability to see the truth of a relationship or event and some of which have the potential to open my heart or shut it down tight and unfeeling. As I imagined letting go of my attachment and fear of “loosing” the possessions which “define” the past me, I felt Source’s love holding me and assuring me that all is as it should be. As I dropped my heavy possessions/burdens, I could feel myself growing in wisdom, having courage to change, being empowered, seeking the truth and living in the moment. Feeling my burdens drop away, I became lighter and joyous. In my joy, I felt encouraged to keep going – I thought, “Let go of more.” So, I shed my clothing and embraced my naked physical body. I felt uninhibited and thought, “Keep going.” Then to my delight, I shed my physical body. I simply stepped out as if it were merely clothing for my soul. I watched myself step into the atmosphere with an unexpected ease. Then just as quickly, I witnessed my soul go from a light being to pure consciousness. I disappeared into nothingness yet, I was everything.


I really, really love the return to Source meditation. It’s my favorite since the divine feminine. But it’s so beautiful and I love that it is longer. I am significantly calmer. I even sleep. I wake up several times to ho to bathroom but I can sleep again after each time most nights. From a root chakra / sexual trauma (and trauma in gen) perspective – I’ve had huge issues with my pelvis shifting, (since March or April I think)  SI joints. Muscular “collapse.”/tensing up for dear life. It’s caused so much pain. When I listened to the SHC I was walking because I needed to escape some home abuse. I walked for about 3-4 hours I think. Normally that meant I go home, experience some bladder control issues and reach for pain killers. Well, that Sunday I had ZERO pain. None. This is a huge thing!!! The physical issues continue but there are shifts I can sense but not put into words / comprehend just yet. Hope this helps, Thank you for everything you do for us and for always showing up with integrity and authenticity


After the moment I reached CC1597 in the beginning of may, when I was really euphoric and noticed very positive changes during first weeks, the most surprising of which was growing of dark hair which started to replace grey hair, I had quite a turbulent period and was not too focused on my Ascension. I have followed daily meditations as Niki suggested, but did not feel me too connected to Source. But since the end of September I noticed a wonderful shift. The last week of September I have participated in a scientific conference, the first not-online one I have participated since late 2019. It coincided with the end of the research project I chaired last 5 years. So in order to present our results I chaired a Special session on the topic of our project and also had a meeting with the members of the project from other countries. It was not the first session I chaired in my current life, but I have never had such a wonderful feeling. The assistants showed so much interest and there were such a vivid and interesting discussions after each presentation. Several persons went to talk to me after the session and congratulated me for the session and for the project. Moreover, we organized 2 Conference field trips in the province of Granada, and the participants had the same reaction: satisfaction, gratitude, etc. The interesting thing that I was not doing any special effort for this: I used to be perfectionist, improving my presentations or field trips up to the last moment, worrying about every detail of them. This time I was very confident. I had a feeling that it was much more a question of the growing vibrations, magnetism and charisma, then the quality of what we were doing. It was like a flow of joy, beautiful energy and synchronicities. People were making me interesting proposals for future collaborations, asking to send them the references of our papers, or just expressing us their gratitude and satisfaction. Then came the Gratitude and Return to Source meditations. I cried so much while meditating, felt such an incredible connection to Source, even if it was only emotional, without any visions, and noticed such a beautiful energy! These 2 meditations are just what I needed.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!