Before discussing the subject of this week’s Sunday Healing Circle, we’d like to let you know that our Yoga Therapy Season 3 Package discounts are now open for sale again. Please note we are no longer selling individual classes, only packages of 5 or 10 classes.

For many many weeks, our outstanding Yoga Therapist Doris Puehringer offered an extremely popular free Saturday Yoga Therapy Class, this Saturday is the final free class, going forward these will be paid classes.

We’re very excited to offer a new Monday class, so our offerings are now:

  • Monday (with 24 hour replay)
  • Wednesday (with 24 hour replay)
  • Saturday (with 24 hour replay)

Sunday Healing Circle Update: Mental Freedom


In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle, Niki will be covering important topics including:

  • Information on the major cleansing and healing impacting the entire Ascension Portal for the last several weeks
  • How this purification is releasing beliefs from the DNA and cellular level leading to freedom from mental stress  
  • How to deal with the detox symptoms and release prior accumulated stress
  • An important update on the results of the healing meditation completed for a group in need last week
  • And more!

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What People Are Saying


Today something amazing happened for me! A combination of things meant that some old trauma memories came up. I realised that I was just thinking about them….there was no panic, no need to ‘fight/flight’, no desperately trying to push the memories away, no trying to disassociate from them. The emotional charge from them was gone, the pain was no longer there! I felt this huge sense of space opening up within me and a tangible sense of love rushing in to fill that space! This must some psycho-emotional clearing happening for me!