Merry Christmas everyone, or if more appropriate, Happy Holidays!

A reminder there is no healing ceremony today 23rd December due to the holidays, we hope you have a restful and blissful break instead.

For current Portal members, we have a new nature-based meditation for you, available in the Nature Category of the Portal Meditations module called Deep Forest. Enjoy!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next healing ceremony on December 30th at the usual time where we will review the progress in the past year and look to predictions for 2024.

In the meantime, we invite you to read some of our continuing fabulous testimonials from current members.

I hope to see you all soon!

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What Members Are Saying  

As I reflect on the last year, so many blessing have arisen with my ascension work.  I went to my doctor for bloodwork and a complete physical.  My doctor said what are you doing?  I told him some of the things, along with lots of meditation.  He said, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  I have no concerns with you.”  As I review my bloodwork, the hypothyroidism I had is no longer an issue, I no longer have osteoporosis and have been off any bone support supplements for many, many months now.  I still have some pain in one hip and a little tenderness in low back, but compared to what it used to be, I am so grateful for the changes.  I feel some of this is related to relationships in my life.  I asked Source to magnify what I need to work on and, or course, I went through a bit of a turbulent time two days after the Relationships Healing Ceremony. I also have been able to set much stronger boundaries around my son, which were greatly needed.  I am also feeling some relationships are organically just falling away by both parties.  Since being in the divine pendulum testing group from the beginning, I am now seeing my accuracy improve.  Last week after the testing, I retested a few questions once off the call and changed one answer and got 100%.  I feel unbelievably appreciative for the coaching from Niki, the guidance from Annie, and to learn from what we are testing.  I have noticed myself gaining more accuracy, and at the same time not so invested in my accuracy as I have noticed that my accuracy will still be up and down, especially when my mood is a little low, but my communication with Source is always growing and I am using my pendulum to also grow my relationship with Source.  When I have a thought and ask Source about it personally, I sometimes get an electrifying experience through my whole body.  Forever grateful to the friendships in this group, and on to 2024 with more growth, clarity and discernment.  Happy holidays everyone with  love, light, and well-being to you all.


I feel SO blessed to know that I am / we are in the right place at the right time!  The guidance, the protection, the tribe, the LOVE!  It is breathtaking.  Thank you Niki, Source Team, coaches and Portal family  and I finally got 100% correct in pendulum testing, YAY !!!!!

I love love love this portal. I have been a member since the beginning.  I have listened to all of the healing circles and zoom calls on replay. I really appreciate you and all we are up to in the portal.  I am very happy to do this work quietly for the benefit of mankind and the world at large.

I’ve been in this portal since the beginning and following your work before then and hold much gratitude for you. I’ve made a lot of progress since then! You’ve been an inspiration both in fostering dedication to this work along with faith in the process which is paying off.Tremendous progress is being made on my health which I will write about as it unfolds a bit more! This portal and these teachings have been life changing. Thank you!

I feel very fortunate-not only to have found you and this work, but for connecting me with my dear sisters-the NYC Merkababes! (We are bringing in and anchoring the Light in the New York City area

I feel so much gratitude for you Niki for gently guiding us on this journey of discovery, healing, truth and discernment. I feel prepared to ride out the oncoming storm of chaos in the world, whereas if I didn’t have this information and level of understanding, I would be living in fear and despair for what is going on.


When I asked my chiropractor if she thought my left foot would ever regain complete feeling from the two pinched nerves and lumbar vertebrae hyper-mobility, she said, “Normally I’d say ‘No’ but rules don’t seem to apply to you. When we first started, I never thought you’d even get this far!”  On another occasion she had also said, “Wow – look at you walking upright just like a regular person!” To date I have now regained about 90% of the feeling and strength in my left foot, the hyper-mobility in my lumbar spine has stabilized, and am mostly able to walk like a “regular person” again…all this along with so many other positive life changes and awareness! Truly blessed


I discovered the Portal July 21 at the very moment I was diagnosed with a rare stage 3 cancerous growth in the crook of my collarbones.. Drastic surgery removed part of my sternum, clavicles my (healthy) thyroid and parathyroids. I could only whisper my commands for 10 minutes at a time for months. However I fully recovered, without chemo or radiation and am healthy. The surgery and joining the Portal were a life changing time: I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in my life, I feel I live in the present moment, have let go of drama and over empathizing, I’ve stepped away from a couple of narcissistic friendships, I feel like I’ve let go of my traumatic childhood.. My relationship with my husband has improved (47 years married).


Got off all sleep meds I have been on for 30 years. Happy to share that I have gotten off all sleeping meds after taking them for 30 years. Woo hoo, yea  Ascension and yea Quantum Healing. I tried a  year ago and then a few months ago as I figured Andrew got of meds so maybe I could as well. It did not work at all. I so wish doctors would learn this instead of putting people on sleeping meds. What a concept to be able to fall asleep before 3 am..


Hope to see you all on next week!