Miracles are happening in the Portal.

Integrating with the 18th (and now 19th) strands are now bringing what many thought would be impossible to those who patiently stuck with the meditations.

People´s eye sight is spontaneously improving, opticians are flabbergasted, people who could not tolerate alcohol for 20 years due to illness, now can. People who have been ill for 40 years have been directly told now by Source they will heal, and evidence is pouring in – this is nothing less than Divine Intervention.

We invite you to read just a sample of testimonials from our members below.

So this week in the Healing Ceremony, we are going to take time to acknowledge, share, celebrate, be thankful and meditate together with a stunning uplifting new meditation called Miracles.

We will give an overview of the progress of consciousness expansion of humanity as a whole, as well as the Portal, and share what more we can expect, specifically from integration with the 20th Strand of DNA.

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 9th September 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Miracles  we will cover:

    • Celebration – sharing the miracles taking place in the Portal
    • The 20th Strand of DNA – what to expect when integrating with this strand
    • DNA update – do Portal members have the capacity for 48 strands to be activated?
    • The Progress of Humanity – tracking the consciousness of humanity since the 1980s, how we are doing now, and what is needed to accelerate the process 
    • Experience the stunning new listening  meditation called Miracles
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying  

So I have just been for a contact lens check up. I’ve been aware for a while that my eyesight with my lenses and glasses has been deteriorating. However, what has happened is my right eye has improved by 3 points and my left eye by 2 points. The optician was obviously flabbergasted. He says this doesn’t really happen. And has no idea why it has for me. But we know don’t we!

The strangest thing just happened . Source woke me at 4.30am with a message that Jilly and I will integrate the 18th and for me it’s all about the Loving Kindness Meditation . Once I learn to love me for who I am anything is possible  I have never experienced anything like this before Not sure what you will test but just wanted to share this with you as I’ve never understood before how you communicate with Source as I’ve never felt anything nor been able to pendulum test either.


. On a positive note this year I have often felt spontaneous happiness and joy for no apparent reason, which is really wonderful, instead of my previous default mode of worry and perfectionism


I had an intuition I’d completed with the 12th about 10 days ago. I had a reading with Christine a few days days prior to that and she said I was 97% there (which was a huge surprise as completing the 12th was predicted for April next year). A few days after that I woke up with a feeling of enormous joy (this is soooo not my default state atm!) and a feeling of what I think is ‘completion’- like I’d gotten something huge off my plate and the relief of that, and then this incredible lightness of being. I think that was completing with the 12th, it felt like it to me anyway. And, I wasn’t going to post about this yet because I haven’t done enough “experimentation” to be rock-solid sure, but I’m thinking this is proof of integration with the 12th so I’m just gonna say it without fearing too much it will turn out not to be true… I’m pretty sure I’m able to tolerate alcohol again after 20 years of getting horribly sick after the tiniest amount. On two separate occasions recently I’ve had a whole shot of vodka and in the past that would have led to an immediate “hangover”- skip the being drunk phase just the most awful blinding headache, nausea, gut issues within minutes of the first sip. Alcohol was not a pleasure in the least! Recently I got what I guess was a nudge from my Source team and was pleasantly tipsy without any of that, and with minimal hangover the next day. This is the first real sense I’ve had of any physical healing and I feel it correlates with completing with the 12th so hope its appropriate to share here. I’m so happy to be here in the portal now! It’s been such a rough journey- so much detox on so many levels and a fair dose of cognitive dissonance along the way, but I feel like lately I’m beginning to see signs that its working… After 20 years of being ill- hoping, giving up hope, aching to hope again… Are we really going to heal and soon?? I can’t wait to hear about others’ progress too…

Wins along the Way  Today as I began meditating a few things occured to me.  1. I no longer feel so aware of the Sands of Time trickling in the hour glass. For example, I have noticed I don’t look at my phone to check the time as much; only when I really need to. I also feel less worry about the months passing by and less favoritism for particular months.  2. I realised I stopped reading my monthly horoscope and checking all the planetary transits. Not because I lost interest but because I know I’m partnering with Source, so I can manifest better outcomes even during Mercury Retrograde.  3. I feel far less overwhelm when faced with a to-do list. My energy and movement is calmer as I potter my way through my backlist of things to do. I don’t feel so rushed.  4. Far less afraid of letting go of things that I enjoy, to make way for prioritising things I enjoy the most.  5. Strangers I encounter, are friendlier and lighter/sunnier in their energy and demeanour. 
All I can say is that this miracle was totally driven (or should I say ridden) by Source. I have not got on my bike now for a good couple of years, and even then it was only a ‘one off’. I used to love going on it pre 2020, and through the summer I would cycle several times a week. I have not wanted to get on it at all and more recently with all the pain I have had and also Carpal Tunnel in both hands, I was even considering selling my bike. Today, my partner said he was going out on a bike ride and I found myself saying ‘I’ll come’. I had no idea how it would go, but I wanted to try. I was a bit wobbly at first and my arms and hands were not brilliant but I managed. We cycled six miles and it was such an achievement and indeed a miracle
What do we do with positive emotions and feelings when they come up in the Surrender meditations? Today I hit what I believe to be Theta waves again towards the end of the Loving Kindness mediation and into the start of Surrendering. My body was completely asleep but not paralysed (hoorah!) and my brain active and I get a huge amount of pressure bearing down on the top of my brain, inside my skull. This used to be very painful but while still uncomfortable, now not as painful and far more bearable (also hoorah!).  As usual, I kept feeling for negative emotions and sensations but none would come. I was just overcome with the feeling of gratitude and love…it was absolutely amazing! I literally thought my heart would burst it was so beautiful. I just went with floating in the cloud I was in until the end of the first half hour. I wanted to try the new chakra mediation but before it even started, I was just compelled to go and eat some fruit and vegetables… alive, hydrating and nutritious…. that has never happened before.  Now I feel like I have a hangover and slightly drugged, which is my norm with theta waves but I am feeling absolutely great emotionally.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!