In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle for Ascension Portal Members, we’re going to talk about why affirmations generally don’t work, and exactly what we mean about partnering with Source for an abundant life and the responsibility this entails.

We’ll also be returning to the regular format of 20 minutes teaching, 40 minutes of healing meditation and 1 hour of Q and A. Looking forward to seeing you there!

I will be launching my new website this coming week, where people will once again be able to join the Ascension Portal if they desire.

Yoga Therapy Wednesday Class Discount


Yoga Therapy is a wonderful compliment to the energetic work we are doing in the Ascension Portal – many of you are starting to see the benefits after experiencing 5 or more classes.

As Doris says, it takes time for the nervous system to “read” the beneficial messages the postures are sending it, and we need a long term practice to make these core changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

So the second half of season 5 is now available for sale, once again you can buy 5 classes at a discount, offer closes on the 4th August 2021.

What People Are Saying


I am so grateful that the two of you are offering the Wednesday yoga therapy class. Each time I do it, I get more benefits than the one before! It was good to hear Doris sat that if our bodies were tight, our minds were tight. The stretches helped so much…Starting my day in peace with a relaxed body is worth a million dollars! With deepest gratitude!

I was able to do today’s Yoga Saturday class. It was as wonderful as before! Thank you so much for your knowledge, teaching and caring. I hope I’ll be able to fit a live class into my schedule at some point but I’m so thankful for the replay ability!!! Look forward for each class!

Take care for now and see you all this weekend!