Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.In this week’s healing circle Niki will discuss how integrating practical magic is a part of the science of consciousness and ascension:

  • Examples of practical magic and how to increase it in your life
  • Special guided meditation on allowing miracles to unfold in your life in 2022
  • How the Ascension Portal is starting to experience classic symptoms of awakening including: a loss of interest in drama
  • Update on becoming a highly proficient pendulum tester
  • Group healing meditation for another million disincarnate human souls
  • Ascension progress update
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


Thanks to Source, My Source team, Niki and my own willingness, the miracles are happening for me and I do indeed feel like a new person! I am at peace within myself, I am more grounded and I am in the present moment more and more often. I notice that my ability to communicate more openly is increasing. I am less “afraid” to express how I feel with others, and that includes expressing positive and encouraging sentiments with people. I am more able to express my appreciation for people spontaneously. I am analyzing my thoughts, and my responses less often. I am feeling joy bubbling up from my heart chakra more often – especially with the little daily things. Gratitude is coming forth more often – my first thoughts when awakening are no longer negative – I am grateful for another day to be alive in my physical body. I don’t feel like I need to “prove” myself like I did in the past. My being in the present moment is enough! In the beginning of joining the portal, I was skeptical and had a wait and see attitude. Now, I am more trusting and jumping in with both feet!


Hope to see you all on Sunday!