In tomorrow’s healing ceremony we will introduce a very important topic.

We have discussed at length the topic of developmental trauma, and complex PTSD, now Source is revealing our next level of education: psychosis.

We will discuss prevalence, contributing causal factors, symptoms, types, current conventional medical approaches to treatment and assessment, how it is different from other major mental health conditions and more.

Niki will be discussing her own experience with psychosis and latest announcements. 

This we will also share Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s latest meditation release: one of his best ever called Wind Chime Sound Healing.

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here..

Healing Ceremony April 20th 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Psychosis we will cover:

    • Announcements – reminders on receiving and opening Portal emails and detox support
    • Psychosis – an introduction and everything you need to know
    • Mass Formation Psychosis –  a new perspective, insight and understanding
    • Steps to Problem Solving – 6 steps to solving problems and ensuring we do not get stuck in “analysis paralysis”
    • Prayer – the importance of remembering to ask Source and your Source teams for help by praying
    • Portal Indexes – latest group portal Index tracking number (missed from earlier ceremonies this month!)
    • Experience a sublime new meditation called Wind Chime Sound Healing
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying   

I know this may seem a small thing, but believe me it’s HUGE for me!  Whenever I have had to go anywhere, for work or holiday, I have got in a huge ‘tizz’ beforehand, for at least a fortnight and sometimes, depending on circumstance, more.  My mother was the same, so I assumed it was just how we were.  I have now been in the Portal since July 2021 and in two days’ time we are off on holiday for a fortnight: I only started making piles of stuff, finding cases, assembling socks (in pairs!) from this morning, quite calmly and without fuss.  Truly stunning improvement!  Thank you thank you Niki and the team for all your hard work and encouragement, I no longer feel like a basket-case


I had the most profound experience in my garden last night. I was guided in real time to see a shooting star! I felt ET presence (my skin feels very hot from the frequency). So I went into my garden to ground and look at the sky. I close my eyes and see one of my ET family right behind them – like a holographic image in my mind. They were Lyran! The being had a lion-esc face and a broad lion-y nose. They distinctly said to me “home” and “Andromeda.” Blown away, I open my eyes to look up at the stars and smile so broadly. As I’m grinning up at the sky, I’m told to “turn, keep turning”. I turn about a 1/4 circle and when I stop, the Lyran spoke again to say “turn right”. So I turn one more time. I stop, and there – right at that spot – I see a shooting star. I cry. I just cry with overwhelming joy. I am stunned and flabbergasted. The latest portal mediation upgrades have been stunning! Thank you so much 


I tested the questions on my own today as I was driving my daughter to catch a flight to spend a few days with her sister prior to returning to her home in France (managed 80%) on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed the information and new meditation from Saturday’s Healing ceremony Niki and learned so much from the Zoom hot seat process with Jeff and Christine and from the shares of fellow portal family. My daughter and I have made amazing reconnections at a deep level and communicate more authentically than we ever have. I am able to listen, be present and share more clearly and authentically as we to grow on unique paths, and we have been able to open heartedly exchange so many gifts of unconditional love and compassion. I will truly miss her and we agreed to find ways to maintain our connection over the miles until she feels ready to leave her home of most her adult life. I am so very grateful for this portal journey and the grace of the God as we both grow in divine alignment.


Hope to see you all on Saturday!