In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle Niki is going to share more about what to expect on the journey to reaching the highest Merkabah Creator Category: 1600, including:

  • How reaching 1600 involves undergoing three more physical health upgrades making the body much much more efficient
  • How it entails a further two upgrades to mental beliefs leading to more psycho-emotional freedom
  • How reaching 1600 leads to two more soul ascensions
  • How any divine energy testing becomes easier as you will become permanently grounded, harmonized with any pendant and 100% unbiased
  • What happens on reaching 1600 and finally…integration of the I AM presence

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What People Are Saying

Hello Ascension Family, I would like to share this most amazing shift that occurred this morning. Let me begin by saying that I have had this dark heavy cloud over me for about 5 weeks. It has been exhausting filling me with doubt, hopelessness, and depleting my stamina especially as I slogged through my commands. I could expand on this a whole bunch more but basically I just wanted to ‘not be’. This morning while doing my commands the morning light seemed a little bit more vibrant. I had called on Angelic Sophia and as usual she was not there. Intellectually I know she is there but I am unaware of it. Any way part way through I just burst out laughing and started thanking Sophia. Thanking her for this shift and the joy that had spontaneously come into my heart. I finished my commands with a silly grin on my face in between bursts of laughter and more thanks to sweet Sophia. I realize this is ancient history for many of you but it was profound for me. I think I might have even spontaneously bopped up a Creator Category level this morning. It felt something like an initiation or epiphany . In any case I feel like a legit member of this portal. Thank you.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!