In this intriguing healing circle on the 1st October 2022 Niki will help the Portal understand the impact of all energetic Seals, Tags and Implants the remainder of which were removed from everyone in the Portal THIS WEEK:

  • Explanation of how seals can create “shattered chakras” and how they prevent ascension, who created them and why
  • Tags and implants as energetic imprints that control what humans can experience, including being victims of chronic sexual imbalance and abuse, linear thinking and more
  • The Lemurian Tags and Implants placed on the women of that time during forced breeding campaigns by reptilian Draconian ETs
  • The Atlantian Tags and Implants placed on that entire population to create uniformity and mind control by reptilian Draconian ET
  • Participants will then experience the new 30 minute divine feminine meditation called Eternal Chant
  • Niki will also answer questions posted on the Member’s Forum 
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

From an ET Contactee and Experiencer Support Group Founder:

Here’s my mini testimonial that I think would disturb or sound too crazy to most people. On Tuesday night, the first night after joining, I had a very lucid dream of a man standing on a platform speaking to a crowd of people in an underground cavern-like place. At first glance, I just registered him as a black man in tan german-like military gear but on second glance my whole being responded so intensely that it caused me to come back to my body and open my physical eyes. Startled, I realized he was a black reptilian with scales and a slight snout! My body definitely had a fear response to seeing him but I could tell there was nothing threatening in my room, however, there were one or two astral projections of someone who had followed me from that “dream” outside my window. They were not happy they couldn’t access my energy. I could tell it was the portal protecting me because I was sure I hadn’t developed my CC level enough. I have not been able to sleep well since ending up in Santa Barbara 2 years ago because of being harassed physically and psychically by  ET’s no matter what commands I did. Since that “dream” I can sleep and I don’t have anxiety anymore! My depression is gone and so many physical discomforts too after being in the portal for only 3 days. Today is my 7th day and I’ve done 5 days of 2hrs of meditations a day and watched 10 of the healing circles and I’m playing the core 24/7. I’ve done so many different types of meditation practices but to date, yours are the first ones where 2 hrs doesn’t feel like a chore! I have been doing ascension work, dark arts training, and trauma healing almost my whole life so I’m familiar with a high percentage of what you talk about in the portal. I really appreciate how you’ve distilled it and presented it and I’m very grateful you heard the call and acted on putting this together for others. Thank you! I knew after 2 min of you speaking at ECTI that I was going to join whatever it is that you were offering because it would be the solution to so many of my discomforts. 


I LOVE this meditation!  When we expanded our consciousness and Source ‘smiled’ at me, I burst into tears and kept on crying through the next 5 minutes of the meditation, just a wonderful feeling of love and connection.  I found it calmly revealing and fascinating to go through the areas of resistance, worry, and struggle.  Although I felt the love of Source in the smile part and the pet part (immensely and overwhelmingly),  when it got to the areas of struggle, I didn’t have the same overwhelming ‘presence’ feeling, (the kind that makes you cry) but I did feel a peaceful and hopeful ‘knowing’ that all those areas would be okay and that I was okay.I did the meditation again this morning and again during the smile and pet parts again loads of tears and the same ‘knowing’ that all was, is, and would be well.  At the end I was so filled with gratitude and love it was wonderful.   So grateful for this meditation, I love it!


The New POWERFUL Gratitude meditation is fabulous.  The first time I listened I went right to sleep.  So didn’t hear it.  The next time I felt it, breathed it, saw it, and was totally immersed in it.  Many tears came with this guided meditation.  My new fave which is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for the Gratitude meditation!  It is every bit as powerful as you said it was!  My experience with it this morning was that I couldn’t move for over an hour after it finished.  I felt like I was simply BEING in the aura of the meditation, and didn’t want it to end.  I wondered how it would be to live my whole life in the aura of that meditation.  Amazing!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!