In this week’s important healing circle Niki will introduce the concept of “seduction energies” and continue to “fill in the details” on Humanity’s Awakening including:

  • Discussion of seduction energies, how they drain your energy and what to do about them
  • Details on the consciousness of humanity splitting into two, and the significance of November 2023, and the year 2035
  • How the fallen Metatronic consciousness works versus the Eternal Kryst Code geometry
  • Disclosure of advanced technology and hidden information in Hollywood movies
  • Beautiful group meditation with the latest Oneness meditation
  • Ascension Portal progress update
  • Update on progress of ascension for humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

I wanted to share because I have had big movement over the last 24 hours. Last night I went to a birthday party with friends and I noticed such a flow to me and I felt so comfortable with no social anxiety. I thought people coming over to me and standing around me and really wanting to talk to me about all sorts of things. It was really enjoyable. And this morning I woke up and did my meditation and I use headphones to listen to one of Niki‘s sound meditations. I could feel the frequencies buzzing on the top layers of my skin emanating into my body, I have never really thought that  as much before. And I have been a bit visually blocked during meditations for the past month or so and all the sudden this morning I could see again. Lots of light and beings and conversation and it went by so quickly, it was quite consuming. I also noticed yesterday when I was on a ferry that I no longer and feeling seasickness, I have had motion sickness my whole life and sometimes it’s less but this was different, I kept thinking in my mind that things are changing in my body and clearing and I am grounded and able to not have any more motion sickness in my life, which is huge for me. I love the water! This journey is so exciting and I have no thoughts of turning back, this is the path for me.



Gratitude, gratitude & more gratitude to this combined force of rising spiritually together, for all our energies are creating miracles! I had some emotional “residue” & limiting beliefs to clear these past months but for the past few weeks I have noticed unlimited energy! No adrenal fatigue! My hairdresser noticed stronger hair, and I’ve never been able to grow hair past my shoulders my whole life…ever, until now! I was able to stop all supplements months ago and recently I’ve been able to wean off my bioidentical hormones. If I’m awakened in the night, I just say “turn down the heat, and enhance my deep sleep, thank you, and so it is” which works immediately! I asked for the trump & wild cards in a friendly card game last week & got tons! (And won the game to boot) And every time I ask for a new screen saver I’ve never seen before, when I sign on to the computer, there it is! But the best is a constant Mona Lisa smile on my face! I had said that Ascension to me would be being able to notice being joyfully, calmly present all the time….and I’m noticing it now already! I feel my Light turning on and starting to shine….and again more Gratitude Ascension Family for this growth. Thank you Source for leading me to Niki & this portal of beautiful souls! Blessings


So in today’s meditation with Oneness I had a beautiful experience of healing my damaged/misguided/intense negative emotions. I’ve been under a fair bit of stress and am finding things difficult so this was a very welcome relief. I’m not sure what the damaged emotions looked like but Source healed them to look like brand new green seeds. The most beautiful seeds I’ve ever seen. In my Celtic art circle intentions are often visualized as seeds being planted and nurtured during the meditation part so I’m not surprised about them becoming seeds. But it was so beautiful, had me in tears. These emotion seeds will grow and respond in a healthy manner is the vibe I got. So grateful. And hopeful that it plays out that way in real life.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!