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Lack of self worth is perhaps the most prevalent psycho-emotional disease that inflicts modern humans today.

The feeling that we are simply “not enough” is the cause of most “stress” we experience and a plethora of related health symptoms.

Lack of self worth causes a frenetic drive to compete on a never-ending treadmill to justify our existence.

It is the root of self-blame, self-judgment, comparing ourselves to others, false assumptions, taking other people’s behavior personally and ultimately fatigue and exhaustion.

It can even be at the root of the desire for spiritual awakening. The endless “seeker” who is always looking to make themselves more, or overcome “deficiencies.” This can be a trap on the Ascension Path.

Join us for today’s healing ceremony on the 10 Steps to Reclaim Your Self Worth.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 10th February 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Self Worth we will cover:

    • Announcements – update on the latest Ascension Teachings videos, recommendations for healers on helping their clients and patients stay clear of entities and more
    • The Fall of Civilisations – this week the pendulum group are testing whether the Anunnaki were in direct contact with a range of great human empires from the past, and played a direct role in their formation, religion, urban planning, language and more. We look at these “fingerprints of the gods.”
    • The 10 Steps to Reclaiming Self Worth everything you would need to know and understand about how to rebuild self worth and avoid this potential trap on the ascension path
    • Experience a healing  meditation using special Solfeggio frequencies called Solfeggio 741 Hz
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying  

The last 3 months Source has been saying “I’m here for you” during especially difficult emotional vipassana which is so comforting. And I do notice small lovely things, like the perfect parking spot, a run of green lights on a journey or the last of whatever I wanted to buy in the supermarket- smooth running I guess it could be called. I’m still waiting on the NHS endocrinologist referral, a year now (the joys of Northern Ireland having no government for 2 years); but I think I have started to heal in terms of anxiety-induced high cortisol. I fall asleep a bit easier and am using less insulin unless there’s a specific stress.  I’m pleased to say Source helped me with my PIP disability benefit claim too, actually increasing it


Generally, lots of great shifts happening to me, I feel I am slowly progressing in terms of career, which was Big thing for me! It was not easy to look how much I have to work on relationships, communicating My needs, boundries, however, I feel like there is huge progress here. Still not seeing lots of progress finacially however I trust the process and feel calmer and calmer with that.

I have been in the portal since the beginning. I am so Grateful I found it! .I feel deeply Grateful to this whole Portal and the work you do! With Love


I have been a member very early on. I know that I am not the same person I once was back in 2020 but then none of us are. I love the many mini miracles, how source communicates through nature and that I am still continuing to evolve despite still having to trudge through the thick of emotions at times. Your healing ceremony on visibility resonated with me so much as do all but this really stood out to me


Hope to see you all on Saturday!