More miracles this week reported by a Portal member, a reversal of macular degeneration this time with her doctor saying he had not witnessed anything like this in 34 years of medical practice – see below!

Following on from the discussion of Near Death Experiences last week, this week we address sleep.

Why do we sleep? Where do we go? In truth we go through a death process every night!

Every time we fall asleep it is a deep release and surrender, without it we would go insane.

This week we explore sleep, how it links to ascension and awakening.

We will also give plenty of advice on how to improve your sleep if you are struggling currently.

Important announcements this week including updates on the NEW Ascension teachings videos coming shortly!

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 9th December 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Sleep we will cover:

    • Announcements, focusing on the updated Ego Surrender assessment and why it is the most relevant one to one session to book in for at the moment, update on the upcoming NEW ascension teachings video 3 on discernment
    • Sleep– discussion of what happens when we sleep, where we go and how it links to ascension work
    • 18 Ways to Support Sleep– we will share 18 solutions, covering your environment, lifestyle and circadian rhythm to help improve and restore sleep, we include what stimulants to avoid, the common physiological causes of sleep issues and a discussion of using sleep medications
    • We will cover 15 Member Case Studies
    • Experience an inspiring new uplifting meditation called Hope
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying  

You asked me to explain more about my amazing appointment to my Retina doctor. We moved in June 2023 and I had to select a new retina doctor from our group in my new location. My vision has changed twice for the better since January 2023. Recently I have been using old sun glasses from 10 years ago.  Normally it is required to receive an injection as needed every 4 to 6 weeks. I have not had any injections since October 2022. He welcomed me and exclaimed “Who are you?” And I chuckled and asked Why? He answered that in 34 years in practice he has never had anyone reverse their Macular Degeneration.  I see him again on December 13. I tell everyone on the zoom and morning meditation groups -lots of positivity-be patient-let go-and raise your vibration -not necessarily in that order!


The sun was shining so then I decided to do a round of emotional vipassana while taking advantage of perhaps the last sunny day and to lie on my balcony. And while I was lying there, again the floodgates opened up, all through this last week that happened too, most times not clear what was being cleared out. This time however one of my darker thoughts popped up “Why didn’t I just die from my C-infection, this is all too hard and I don’t know if I can do this”. It hasn’t popped up in quite a while now, so I feel this was perhaps another layer of the deep darkness clearing. Because straight after that, with the tears still in my eyes, nose still clogged up from crying and feeling very contracted physically, an answer popped in “Because you’re here for a reason, it would have been easier but well here we are” and I actually snorted and laughed through my tears, getting such a sassy reply (from myself or from Source?). And as soon as that had happened and I turned around to lie on my back (for equal sun distribution), I felt immensely loved by the universe, warm waves of pleasure pulsing through my body, feeling held and cherished. So beautiful.


The interview went really well and I got the job! I was still nervous but I felt something shift and I was able to deliver the presentation with confidence that came from somewhere. It really is a big shift from how I’ve felt doing interviews or presentations in the past. It’s hard to put into words but it was like I no longer feared criticism in a life or death sort of way! Plus I felt more confident about myself. Yes maybe some of this change is age and experience but I think it was more than that too. It’s a teaching job so I will have to get more comfortable with being visible and in charge! It’s only a part time zero hours job with Adult Community Learning teaching Arts & Craft, but it feels like a big step forward. I haven’t taught a class for over a decade although I’ve worked in education as support for years. Turns out that qualification I did in 2008 was useful after all! Mind blowing and so powerful. My breathing issues have all since diminished.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!