In this week’s Healing circle on the 9th July 2022 Niki will  cover:

  • Understanding synchronicity and how to increase it in your life
  • Understanding levels of creation
  • Understanding framework 1 (caterpillar) and framework 2 (butterfly) creation strategies
  • Niki will spend one hour on live Q and A – please submit any questions to the Live Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience a new Sound Bowl group meditation
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

Hello Ascension family! I had a somewhat surreal meditation experience yesterday. I chose to listen to oneness. Difficult to describe, but here goes. After my mind settled somewhat I found myself in space. I had the strangest feeling of being tethered to earth through my root chakra but I was way beyond earth, in the vast openness, looking at earth, stars and planets. I was unable to see my body. It simply felt like I was part of the cosmos. Didn’t want it to end. Tried to somehow get back there today but no such luck! Certainly was one for the record books!



I reached 1597 yesterday, it was a beautiful and emotional experience for me. I knew it was going to be yesterday or today so I was feeling excited but apprehensive too because I’m a natural born worrier, although that’s improving. I had monkey mind which I was finding frustrating so I concentrated on opening my heart and thinking about my children. I’d been seeing lots of orange for a long time with my meditations but over the past week or so this became so much more intense, it become more of a deep red/orange. I felt it surrounding my body like a cocoon. Within minutes of opening my heart chakra I felt a powerful wave of that red/orange energy hit my heart chakra and I became very emotional and began to cry. I don’t normally cry but the feeling of love and emotion was so overwhelming. I also felt the words in my head, “it’s your time now”. I then knew I’d hit 1597. It was fantastic!! I joined the portal at the end of February and I’m so so happy I did. I’ve had M.E for over 20 years. In March I couldn’t get up of the sofa and walk to the kitchen I was so unwell. I know feel like I’m recovering and I can do so much more. Thank you for introducing me to the portal


What I learned/how I have changed since July 2021 when I joined Niki Ascension group: Connection to source is #1! Though I don’t hear a voice or have my pendulum working, I still feel a sense of connection like never before. I celebrate the day my vibration is high enough to connect with source! I started meditating in 89’ but deepened at the beginning of 2020 then again joining the Ascension program. Now I meditate silently- with routine enthusiasm! The icing on the cake is adding one of Niki’s meditations. My biggest issue beside a 10-year problem with my body (cerebellar ataxia with Lyme) was self-love deficit! Now I like myself on my way to loving myself! I had no idea I was traumatized by my childhood. I am recognizing and trusting my intuition more every day. I have learned to get quiet and ask what my heart wants. I do something daily that my higher self approves of! Relationships have run me throughout my life. Now I have let go of many that are toxic, healed those that required cleaning up-especially my brother (narcissist-perfectionist). At first I just made requests of what I wanted from him and what would improve our relationship then in 48 hours I reneged everything and said you just be you and I will be me. I had such relief instantly knowing that was the right thing to do. To this day- I have no energy on this relationship. I was unhappy with my marriage for 75% of the time. We have been living apart for 2 years. It took me a while to do what my heart was communicating (knew in 2006 by my body). I live by myself with weekly support and am grateful and happy. In reflecting back, I believe my illness helped me to get to know myself-I had many friends all my life yet I had no clue who I was. Now, I have few friends so most of my time is getting to know myself! I would not trade my illness of 10 years for having a relationship with myself. I am now practicing as best I can be in the world of non-duality, with intention, cultivating love and a life of purpose. I see beauty everywhere. My heart is so open that I cry a lot to small things. I look forward to walking down the stairs and putting my feet on the ground, hugging a tree, and just be active!! I took so much for granted!! I intermittently feel so free that I am beside myself. Last night I felt worthy-a first ever in my life! I trust and know my body will heal and I know I am on the right track!


Hope to see you all on Saturday!