In the most important Sunday Healing Circle since the Ascension Portal opened in July 2021, Niki will share profound and remarkable information that was camouflaged from her by Source until Core Ascension contained all 1597 Merkabah codes. We will cover:

  • How the Merkabah is simply a downstream consequence of DNA activation
  • How the entire purpose of the Ascension Portal is to activate the original Human template of all 12 Strands of DNA, most of which is quantum DNA
  • The prophets who predicted that humanity would return to the full 12 Strand template and a moving 10 minute energetic transmission and eulogy from one of the most well known 
  • The profound implications for humanity as a whole when the first person to reach the full 12 Strand DNA template activation occurred at 9am Eastern Time February 6th 2022
  • Why Source camouflaged the information until now
  • A beautiful new 30 minute group healing meditation called Love
  • Important Ascension Portal progress update
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


Another amazing healing story – this time it is my 72-yr-old sister who has had challenges with her eyesight (both cataract and glaucoma surgery) and her hearing for the past few years. She moved into our jointly-owned house last July, changed her diet, already lost close to 50 lbs, and since August has been regularly listening in on our Sunday healing circles. Today at her eye specialist’s appointment, she was delighted to be told that the optic nerve is looking much better than her previous specialist’s report from several months ago, and things are on the upswing!  While her health still has a ways to go, we believe that these problems will be fully resolved because of this ascension school and because of this powerful healing circle. Thank you Niki, and everyone in our most amazing group!! This is beyond fabulous!


So here it goes, putting it out there: to date my eye sight has shifted…started noticing that i can see more clearly long distance with my reading glasses on…i know right crazy…thx Core Ascension and, kinda personal…but my lymphatic system issue is lessening..small but I am noticing it in the mirror…happy tears thx Core Ascension also, just within the past 2 weeks…my bad left leg, pelvic injury that messed up my life 4 yrs ago…is changing a bit ..I m  relying less on pain reducing products.. I am walking less with a limp…but still there… Hope others in the portal are just getting some glimpses of the miracles…i just keep asking Source for assistance and keep Core Ascension strapped to my body…like a big hug. hope the miracles continue, i want to be back to full  youthful physical health…cheers 


I think i was one of the people needing  Niki and our energy vortex to receive  the 1600 transmission , just before Niki announced this, I asked  my angelic beings to assist me with Self Love Deficit healing in all the manifestations they challenge me, to connect with my inner wisdom and female divinity to guide me today with this healing… The heavens seemed to open the next day  with more child hood trauma memories /feelings, , it was the 5 year old me and at the time challenging but i felt protected and held knowing instinctively it was healing, I feel this was another layer of healing in preparation for the integration of the I AM presence…Plenty more layers to go but this connection with source i have now feels more fluid and easier to access in meditation and filters through me throughout the day.   Overflowing of love and tears of truth, strong i my seniority… Clear on my life purpose and my journey Sleep has been great and symptoms reduced massively…A renewed love and compassion in humanity has returned.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!