So completion of integration with the 18th strand is a large milestone in ascension work. It results in a clearance of all resistance – all those limiting mental beliefs we carry around that cause us chronic fear, stress, pain and fatigue and that seem so hard to release. These will be cleared away, and our default “set point” will be a state of spiritual groundedness.  However is it is our job to heal all developmental and past life trauma, clear our karmic liabilities and focus on loving kindness in order to “qualify” for this milestone.

Portal members are about to get a large helping hand with this emotional and karmic healing work.  When Niki begins integration with the 19th DNA strand soon, energies from the 19th dimension will become available to ALL Ascension Portal members via the meditations. In other words, people wont have to have reached DNA strand 19 themselves in order to begin benefitting from energies available in that dimension soon. The 19th Strand represents the first dimension of “non-dual awareness” – meditations are soon about to become even more healing.

We are discussing this topic and more in today’s Healing Ceremony,

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 1st April 2023

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called The 18th Strand we will cover:

  • The 18th Strand – requirements for completing with the 18th Strand, healing developmental trauma, resistance, best tools to use and more
  • The 19th Strand – What happens after Niki integrates with the 19th strand – implications for the Portal
  • Niki will spend extra time answering Portal Member Case Studies posted in the member’s Forum thread here.
  • Experience the deep dive Meditation Trust with a new musical composer
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying

My manifestation intentions have been around financial security and abundance which is funny to learn this is a common challenge for many of us in the portal. 2 weeks ago 2 job opportunities were confirmed for the month of April: a weekly meditation class for a company and a spiritual coaching client! Last week I received an email from my accountant sharing that I will be receiving a generous tax return which is the answer to my prayers and intention to have rent paid for.  It is above and beyond! Also last week I came across a post of a person asking for more book recommendations about wealth. She mentioned she just finished the book “Having: The Secret Art of Feeling & Growing Rich”.   This peaked my interest and it felt like a nudge from Source.  I was able to borrow the audiobook from the library and I am really enjoying the teachings.  It is reminding me and re-enforcing the spiritual practices of feeling into the sensation of abundance.  Things I have heard before but I feel it is strengthening my belief in the classic idea that how to think and feel about money and wealth.  It’s like it is helping me reprogram my brain and creating new neural pathways! I’ve been feeling this SO much that I also received 3 more job opportunities this week that made for a full productive and profitable week for me!!! 


I feel the need to share with you all a profound experience that I had during this mornings meditation.  As I settled in to do Niki’s Guided meditation, aside from the HC time, I was reminded of an experience that I had a few months back. I cannot speak for everyone but I am always longing for “that connection” with Source. Don’t get me wrong when I say ‘longing’ as I do connect every time but to varying degrees so to speak. I always know that Source is there however, sometimes my head gets in the way and then of course the monkeys begin to chatter. So going back a few months ago, I was done meditating and my dog Tia strolled into my office and sat down right in front of me. Now this is not abnormal behavior for her but this day was one of those days that my longing to connect with Source was one that I asked for some kind of a sign. So “T” was sitting in front of me with her paws on my knees, with her BIG brown eyes just staring into mine. It was that feeling of the “Unconditional Love” that surpasses all understanding. She was absolutely motionless and as I was looking back in her eyes, her left eye winked at me. Random? I think not! At that time and as I do every morning as part of my routine, I had just finished reading in the “I Am” discourses and was reading about how St Germain has his Unconditional Love for us as well. I tested that is was indeed St. Germain giving me that message. Fast forward to this morning….. I had just come out of a 1 hour meditation doing the new guided meditation and then straight into the Oneness meditation. Niki’s new guided meditation had a profound and Amazing impact on me where I felt everything lifted concerning attachment to outcome and going straight into the Oneness meditation just brought on this very deep connection to Source. Words cannot describe the feelings but I suspect that you guys get it. Niki’s guided meditation wrapped up all of those emotions and uncertainty and it floated away. It was like a balloon in my field of vision with eyes closed, floated away with all of that stuff in it. AMAZING! So today, after my connection, in walked Tia and once again sat down right in front of me. I greeted her and gave her a little kiss on her forehead and as I was staring into her big browns, low and behold came another wink. At that moment, electric chills came over me coupled with a sense of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and it was very clear to me that after all that I just went through, that it was SOURCE confirming “OUR CONNECTION” this morning. MIND BLOWN again. Oh yeah, I did get the BIG swing from my pendant confirming our connection as well. 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!