In tomorrow’s Healing Ceremony, we share further insights into the causes and psychosis subtypes.

In addition we will discuss a major theme that is impacting 100% of people in the Portal; a type of mass formation psychosis that the human family inherited almost two thousand years ago.

We will expand on this crucial understanding that humans were intentionally conditioned to believe that when we suffer, in some way we deserve it, because we are inherently unworthy (original sin).

Even if we were brought up in a secular environment, the programming has seeped into education and is the foundation of modern society today.

We will continue to reveal truths behind the hidden history of the Anunnaki, and remind everyone that just as there is a dark history of negative interference, there is also a real transcendent Creator Being who is waiting to be expressed through every human finally: The Sophia.

Healing Ceremony May 17th 2024


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called The Anunnaki Part II we will cover:

    • Announcements – new insights into another important cause of psychosis, and greater understanding of the Type 3 “Bubble” subtype
    • The Mass Formation Psychosis of Original Sin – the origins of the strong mental beliefs that when we are suffering, we must deserve it because we are unworthy, the origins of this cultural conditioning and how it has impacted humanity
    • Remembering Sophia – while the true history behind the impact of the Anunnaki contains unsettling information, it is important to remember that there is also a long history of love, benevolence, truth and freedom within the true Christos teachings: Creator Being, also called Sophia is being revealed today like never before, ready to express through each and every human being
    • The Anunnaki – more information about evidence for the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East around 3600 years ago, what became of Enlil and Enki and much more…
    • Experience a very healing and mystical deep dive meditation called Tibetan Flute
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying   

I feel so incredibly grateful for all I have received here from you and what you have allowed through you in the portal. Not enough words to even express it. My heart overflows with admiration, appreciation,  gratitude, and thankfulness for all that you have given us here.  I hope your travels were smooth and easy and you feel at home there in Angel Fire.  May you be ever so blessed.


 When you mentioned in the Sacred Geometry HC that you are going to offer Sacred Geometry training for practitioners I was SO STOKED! It feels so syncronistic to me, and I feel this fits perfectly to what I want to do and offer my clients going forward.  The HCs lately are also SUPER powerful – I’ve always loved what you present in the HCs, but I’ve never reacted this much to the HCs until this year, especially with the the Egypt and Knights Templar HCs I actually felt nauseous and extra fatigued both during and after, which I have never experienced before. And a part of me also gets angry that this has been hidden information for humans for so long – need to do some emotional alchemy on that, lol. Thank you so much doing the research and putting this together for us, it has totally shifted my view of the world, of my life, and it resonates a lot with me. 


Hope to see you all on Saturday!