In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle we will focus on the Art of Allowing our ascension including: 

  • How to relax into ascension and simply receive the blessings
  • How you will know your Merkabah level without purchasing reports or testing
  • Dealing with “dips” on the journey
  • Details on current angelic beings supporting the group and an ascended master who was waiting in the sidelines joining us now
  • How this Ascension School is unique, unlike those that have been before

If you have not yet joined, find out more about our Ascension Portal here

What People Are Saying


After the Ascension portal opened, I began to feel emotional, psychological, and spiritual shifts. My OCD/anxiety is markedly better than it was even a few months ago, my depression/hopelessness has almost completely lifted, I wake up feeling grateful and joyful pretty much every single day (although I do have hours or days where I’m feeling grief/sadness/anger or other negative emotions because I’ve hit another layer of the “onion” in my healing journey) – but my overall state of being, state of consciousness, my “vibration” so to speak is sooo much higher than it used to be, and the evidence of this vibrational lift is now beginning to play out in my life circumstances. Toxic friends that have been in my life for years are now gently fading out of my life, I’m attracting new people (and potential life partners) into my life at an accelerated rate (like, it’s truly shocking, I’m almost magnetic now), and I was remarkably gifted with the means to pay off my credit card debt just this past week. Friends and family members have been commenting more and more on the change in my energy and disposition – saying things to the tune of “it’s like the old YOU is back!”…which has seriously been like music to my ears to hear! For context: I’m one of those people who tried literally everything for years/decades to heal, with no success, which has left me a skeptic and very doubtful about any healing modality; thus, I wanted to wait for enough compelling evidence before sharing anything positive, which I feel I have now.

I hope to see you all on Sunday!