In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle Niki will cover :

  • The 4 core mental beliefs that are causing the majority of fear, doubt and physical symptoms in the Ascension Portal. 

  • Why humanity’s ascension has stopped, how the same factors are affecting the Portal and what we are doing to address the issue.

  • The group meditation will be healing over a million disincarnate human souls this Sunday!

  • Special Christmas/holiday meditation 

  • Health and ascension progress tracking updates

  • And much more! 

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying


Hooray for Niki and all this amazing learning! I had mitochondrial dysfunction / depletion for many years.  I’m now 74 and after more than 14 years of being sofa-bound and 5 years walking with crutches on the rare occasions I walked, this is a pure miracle.  I believe it was due to her meditations, my learning and eventually understanding about self-love at that time and all I was doing to heal my past.  I had no idea how much of my condition was due to the horror of being a child in the family I was in – and then in my teens, and for many decades, having skewed beliefs and patters and making the wrong decisions because of that difficult start in life.  Well, here we are, all healing and growing in wisdom and love together.



Hope to see you all on Sunday!