In this critical upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 3rd December 2022 Niki will share:

  • First ever release of the divine masculine healing keycodes from Source called the Gabriel Codes to balance with the divine feminine healing Sophia Codes 
  • A deep dive into understanding the current crisis of masculinity and divine male energy wounding
  • Deep understanding of the root causes of addiction including the epidemic of sex and pornography addiction, codependency and more
  • Update on how the pendulum testing group is learning how to be transparent with Source for general life situations as well as mastering intuitive testing
  • Launch of the new one to one Divine Feminine and Masculine Healing one to one sessions
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience and enjoy the group meditation called The Gabriel Codes
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


Thank you for answering my question about healing for those of us who are gay. I am honestly so excited!
I have never before in my life found a space or a person who authentically allowed for healing without either trying to change my orientation, my beliefs, or trying to squash me into an idea that feels false, forced, and void of spirituality. Normally I leave feeling invalidated and at conflict with everything discussed even questioning myself and my capacity to fit in within the gay community. I’ve always felt like someone on the outside who doesn’t belong then two years ago I conducted an experiment and found that there’s lots of “us” driven underground so to speak in our own community. I really want to help my people heal and to be able to heal myself and a space like this just feels so immensely awesome. There’s always that fear when someone says healing because of it always feels like walking into a trap. Either you have to be straight or the focus is purely sexual and it’s never been about authenticity. It feels like a huge weight on my shoulders and I can’t wait for it to shift. It’s one thing to heal on your own but with help… goodness. I can’t imagine. I’m so excited.


After 3 months of learning my Identical twin sister has pancreatic cancer , my car was totaled in a parking lot. I was not hurt although the overwhelm was incredible. My hypersensitivity and empathy triggered PTSD of a near fatal car accident I had at 15 years old. Since being in the program since 9/2020, my life has changed dramatically. I feel self love and compassion for myself and my heart has opened. Source is challenging me to learn from these past 2 challenges. A miracle to feel from my heart and my pain body is slowly healing after 70 years repressed  past traumas. This is a first for me and thank you Niki for encouraging me to post my challenges.


Oh wow, I absolutely love this new meditation. It’s so beautiful and the sound bowl that comes in totally resonates with me. Further into the meditation I find that my head starts dancing along with the music. It is going to be one that I have to do daily, as well as Return to Source. Thank you Niki

Hope to see you all on Saturday!