In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle Niki will be addressing the latest experiences and challenges for people in the Portal on their ascension path, and discussing in more depth:

  • Why discernment is so crucial during these times
  • How “influencers” are being targeted
  • The state of global meditations occurring worldwide
  • How to deal with other people or groups who are being interfered with
  • Niki is launching the Spiritual Entrepreneurship Mastermind network and projects for the this Group

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, learn more here

What People Are Saying


While saying my commands one day last week I felt past emotions of shame, anger, loneliness and fear and the specific events of these emotions flash by me. I think they are no longer part of me in the present. Yahoo! I am feeling now!!This is sooo cool…my numbness is melting. My heart is no longer locked up in a steel box!! Wow an opening has happened and I am feeling some joy and compassion! I am soo excited, grateful, honored, privileged that things are happening. This is true joy for me!! I want what is happening to me to be contagious and to spread to everyone! Yes you can do it! I am not a lost soul anymore. Thank you Source, Source Team and Niki Skye….keep it coming. Niki Skye this is what you are giving us!! Wow! We are so blessed to have you as our teacher!!

Take care for now and I hope to see you on Sunday!