In this exceptional upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 24th December 2022 Niki will share:

  • A deep look at how to follow the path of non-judgement, while understanding universal laws result in consequences
  • Understanding consequences of giving up on your Ascension Path too soon, why 2023 is so important for individuals in the Portal reaching their personal goals and humanity
  • The Rise and Fall of Ken Wilber, Niki will share what caused the fall of the influence of one of the great intellectuals, consciousness explorers and philosophers of our times, and the lessons we can learn from it
  • Avoiding spiritual elitism and how to maintain self compassion through the ascension journey
  • Niki will give a brief update on how predictions of the future really work, and an update on the forecast for the football World Cup winners
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the knock-out meditation, likely to become the new favorite called Love Letter from Source
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


For the last 6 weeks I have been super busy with work, requiring me to work all day, every evening and every weekend..  This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, its always stressful, I have trouble sleeping (because my mind is swirling with remembering things and planning things and making sure I am doing everything), I become exhausted and overwhelmed.   I am usually feeling quite frantic, nervous that I won’t get everything done, anxious that I’m going to have a client phone before I’m done their task and then they’ll be angry and maybe I will lose business, or worse, for the ones that I have a deadline then I’m anxious that I’m not going to get it done on time. And then they’ll be mad.  I’m not complaining, I’m super grateful when I’m busy, and am still thankful even over-busy with work (as long as ‘over busy’ is temporary).

Well a couple of weeks into this push, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling stressed.  I was focused, I was intense, I was organized, but there wasn’t that fear, anxiety, fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of the clients being mad.  I noticed after a couple of weeks that I was somehow able to just plow through the work and get each project (or phase) out most of the time before the client was calling.  When they did  call I would give a deadline and then was able to meet it.  (to be clear, I always do meet my deadlines, its just a matter of how ragged I need to get to accomplish it). When I would be working on something I sometimes would notice another project and the thought would come to me (Source) “do that now because they’re going to be calling” or “stop that and get this done and out first” and so on. I followed that voice and it worked out amazingly true, every single time.  

During the whole six weeks (its back to normal now), on several occasions as I would drop into bed physically exhausted but mentally and emotional feeling good, in control, organized, planned for the next day, thankful and feeling accomplished, then I marveled at the recognition that I was ‘keeping ahead of it’ rather smoothly.  Somehow getting things done just as the client would ask or need it.  It was amazing.  I wondered at first if it was just an anomaly and everything would come crashing in on me, but as the weeks rolled by, and now at the end, I am firmly confident and convinced that this is the new normal.  Yay!!


Here’s a few little things I’ve seen: This week I got my eyes checked and my vision has improved significantly in both eyes.  Also, a few weeks ago I had a weird issue of a blob of overgrown tissue in my eye and the doctor said that she only usually sees this in young people (I’m almost 58), and that it was from a very robust immune system. I also went for acupuncture a month or two ago for a physical issue. In the past, I used to get a lot of acupuncture and my pulses were always very faint and depleted. This time the acupuncturist told me that my pulses were above average strong and vibrant. I also notice that I’m much less stressed in general from when I first joined the Portal in July of last year and have notably less aches and pains too. I’m starting to trust more in the process rather than expecting the quick fix. At this point, my focus is to be engaged, dedicated and steadfast in the healing work, the limiting beliefs work, and the meditation work. and to keep learning and growing.  I can see that I’m on the edge of not only digesting the concept of the profound reality of the path that we are on, but I can actually catch a glimpse of the possibility of actually feeling excited about it.  That is a huge step for me. Thank you Niki. And thank you to everyone for all that you share in the forum and the weekly Zoom group.


I have been attending the Group Daily meditation for a week or two now,  Annie mentioned to me that all I had to do was join the zoom for the first hour, without sound or camera.  So I tried it and it worked great and I love it! What I also love is the connected conversation prior to the meditation – and that’s what the note is about I wanted to acknowledge the greetings and let you know how much they mean to me even if the ‘hello’ seems like its fallen into dead silence, it hasn’t, its nestled warmly into my heart and stays there for the whole day. Love to you all.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!