In a healing circle which is probably the most important since Source revealed the Portal work was activating DNA up to 24 strands, in this week’s Healing ceremony on the 12th November 2022 Niki will  cover:

  • Understanding who Sophia is and what Sophia codes are, how they have now been programmed into all the Portal meditations in the last week
  • Understanding possible temporary side effects of the updated commands, the purpose of the commands, the impact on physical and emotional health
  • Who the Sophia Dragon Tribe are, how Niki has discovered she was invited to become a Sophia Dragon Tribe member in her past Pleiadian life which explains her role as an Ascension Teacher now
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience a beautiful new group meditation called Floating Meditation
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

I just  have to say….. I listen to the zoom replay almost every week.  Because I live in Australia it is too difficult to make it live, just making the Healing Circle is hard enough.  But I just love, love, love this group and it feels like family.  Just yesterday I was in a clothing store and saw someone who I thought was Emma, and had the immediate instinct to say ‘hello’ and caught myself, remembering that Emma doesn’t even live in Australia!  Haha.  But I felt warm and cosy just thinking it might have been her.  I resonate so much with Emma, and do feel she is warm and cosy.  And everyone else is just magnificent too, and thank you all for your shares.  I would like to take this opportunity too, to express such gratitude to the way Christine and Jeff run this call.  They’re so kind and seem to say the lovely thing and the right time and their own personal shares are so valuable, honest and filled with Spirit.  Thank you everyone!


Ive been meaning to put this up for a while now, a few weeks ago my son and I, the dad, were doing a meditation together and like always he’s always zonked out after it. He went to bed and about .5hr later I decided to do anther meditation, while I was doing it my son Ryan came in where I was, in his light body and said I love you dad and kissed me on the cheek and then disappeared, this is while I was in a full meditative state. For the last 1.5yrs of doing this I’ve seen felt and heard a lot of weird and cool things but that was the best by far.


I saw this Indigenous woman in her 60’s or 70’s crouched down in a white walled corner….I felt her shame, and felt drawn to go sit by her. She wouldn’t meet my eyes, so I waited and sent her love until she reached for my hand, then slowly raised her gaze until our eyes met, and I was looking into her soul…..she was ME! And then my deceased dog Morgen came and “knew” both of us and we both laughed and hugged her feeling her unconditional love….then we all 3 melded into 1!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!