The transhumanist movement, currently the toast of Silicon Valley, the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari and the World Economic Forum, advocates the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can greatly enhance longevity and cognition. 

Some transhumanists believe that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with abilities so greatly expanded from the current condition as to merit the label of posthuman beings.

This is a movement that promotes technology as God. There is no doubt technology is the greatest external factor shaping the future of the human race today. 

Just this month a biotech company implanted brain chips in 40 Americans  – it’s all coming much faster than most people realize.

Is this movement good for humanity, or is it part of a negative ET control agenda?

This week in the healing ceremony, we will hear directly from a negative Anunnaki being, posing as an ascended master, predicting what is to come for humanity because of this technological revolution.

But humans have another path they can choose for physical and psychological augmentation: it is the path of ascension and a return to Source. 

Humans were originally created as immortal beings with full mastery over the physical dimensions. Due to interference from other ET races in the past, humanity lost its race memory, intuition, psychic and physical rejuvenation abilities as well as its powers of manifestation. 

The purpose of the Ascension Portal in the short time period up to 2035 for all those with the calling to accelerate their ascension, is to heal and reactivate the DNA that was “unplugged,” not only demonstrating that humanity has another choice, but playing an essential role in the awakening of humanity as a whole.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 6th May 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Transhumanism  we will cover:

    • The Transhumanist Movement – what it is and who is behind it,
    • Annunaki Perspective – what negative Anunnaki who are posing as positive ascended masters are saying about their transhumanist agenda, the opportunities, the pitfalls and the gifts
    • Predictions – some of what to expect in the coming years as the agenda unfolds worldwide
    • Transgender movement – information from Source about this movement, who is behind it – is it mental illness or a sign of a more accepting, progressive society?
    • Case Studies – we are aiming to address 10 Member case studies submitted in the member’s Forum thread here.
    • Experience the beautiful high frequency nature meditation called the Temple Gardens
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying

Since finding you in autumn 2019, I’ve had some impressive physical healing (tinnitus and digestive) and unexpected emotional healing as I can now accept the inadequacies of my blood family and interact with them, in a measured way, without getting triggered. An amazing result which I wholeheartedly put down to being a member of this portal. Thank you 


During a Portal meditation I had this vision of some thing that has been blocking me from sending further and needed to be released. It was the trust developmental trauma that Niki had spoken about. I saw many memories from very young childhood to older childhood and beyond that were examples of people and their sadness, money and no money, fame and no fame, it didn’t matter what their circumstance, there was sadness and unsuccessful life choices that i saw people around me experience. It made me feel sad and lacking in trust for the choices that we make leading to success. I had never had this vision before and it was a dampened emotional feeling. I felt sad. All of a sudden after I asked to release it, I felt it lift and leave like a sand mandala blown by the wind. I felt joy and happiness inside of me.


Recently I saw and heard a lecture regarding Ascension.  A drawing that was shown made a strong impression on me, it showed our human forms and the energy that is us and all around us. The energy was a light grid around us and there were strings that came out of us and flung forward and backwards. It showed us face forward to the past, moving backwards into the future while looking into the past. I think it is a perfect description of undergoing the integration of the 18th, having to release childhood development and looking constantly into the past. I feel that when we fully integrate the 18th we will turn around and move into the future face forward and be able to co create and manifest with joy and intention that isn’t held back by our pasts. Thank you so much Niki for bringing us on this journey!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!