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Sunday Healing Circle Update:

Waking Up vs Growing Up


In this crucial Sunday Healing Circle, Niki will discuss insights from over 25 years on the spiritual awakening path including collaborating with world leading experts like Ken Wilber to discover:

  • Spiritually waking up to the I AM presence is not the same as “growing up” which entails being psycho-emotionally healthy
  • How most tools for awakening do not heal the human shadow aspects including attachment and developmental trauma
  • Why so many “spiritual gurus” have been imbalanced or worse; pathological narcissists
  • The harm that can arise when integrating the 14th dimensional I AM presence when mental and emotional imbalances are still present
  • Tools we are using for psycho-emotional healing and for the I AM presence integration in the Ascension Portal
  • How and why Source has been guiding the Ascension Portal to safely integrate the physical dimensions (4th-6th)first and what comes next
  • Why full soul ascension is only possible by way of Earth

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What People Are Saying


Niki Skye Thank you for reading and thank you for all that you have ahead…..I’m excited and grateful. I experience much clarity during both commands and meditations. Your teachings have brought me clarity, understanding, comfort, and much healing as I had huge attachment trauma to transmute and am continuing on with deep appreciation. 

I hope to see you all on Sunday!